Rumor: Alison Brie Cast As Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk

A new rumor details that Alison Brie has been cast as Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk

The rumor comes from scooper Mikey Sutton via way of YouTube channel Everything Always host Michael Roman.

Roman details Sutton’s scoop stating, “Alison Brie is seeing green. Speculated for months that she is in the running for the title role of Disney+’s She-Hulk TV series, Mikey Sutton has learned that Brie has either signed already or is on the brink of becoming the Hulk’s similarly emerald-coated female cousin.”

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He continues, “‘One source has told me that Brie has agreed to a deal,’ Sutton revealed. ‘There is no official announcement yet but this is the same insider who leaked to me that Brie Larson has discussed being Captain Marvel with Kevin Feige shortly after she won an Oscar.'”

Roman then adds, “Then Sutton goes on to add that this was one of his earliest on his personal Facebook page long before anyone knew who he was yet.”

As for what She-Hulk will look like in the Marvel Studios’ show, Roman explains, “He then also goes on to add that she will be entirely CGI much like we saw Mark Ruffalo and that Brie is Jennifer Walters.”

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“Sutton added, ‘Her intelligence, her buoyant personality, her comic timing — she’s Jennifer. Like Mark Ruffalo, CGI will take over once she’s She-Hulk but Brie’s charm will be the heart beneath the FX,'” Roman explained.

He continued, “Sutton spoke to other industry insiders who also admitted that, Alison Brie was indeed the frontrunner and top selection from Marvel Studios, but were unwilling to concede a casting.”

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He added, “However, Sutton is convinced the selection has been made and it is as he says, “It’s just a matter of time before Brie is announced.” He then said, “They can pursue Thundra next.”

Rumors regarding Alison Brie taking on the role of She-Hulk began back in February with Daniel Richtman stating that Marvel Studios was looking for an Alison Brie-type to play the character.

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Those rumors gained quite a bit of steam when Brie appeared on The Late Show with James Corden a few days after the rumor began circulating.

During that interview, Corden specifically asked, “Did you go hang on, I would like to play the She-Hulk.”

Brie responded, “And then I made some phone calls and we’ll talk about it later.”


When pressed on if she actually made the phone calls she stated, “No. No. No. I did not.”

Cordon would then ask, “Why, do you not want to play She-Hulk?”

Brie responded, “I find it interesting.”

After his line of questioning Corden would state, “I’ll be honest, I started this as quite a loose line of conversation. Now, I’m absolutely convinced that you are playing She-Hulk.”

More recently Brie addressed the rumor with an interview with The Hollywood Reporter while promoting her film The Rental.

THR’s Brian Davids asked her, “Are there any updates on the “Alison Brie-type” saga?”

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She responded, “You know, I’ve been trying to follow it online a little bit, and there don’t seem to be.”

Brie continued, “But it is always funny to me when something kind of takes off on the internet, and I’m getting my updates from fans tagging me in things on Instagram. I’m like, ‘Oh, interesting. Oh, people are still talking about it. That’s cool.'”

While Brie might be staying mum on any casting rumors, Mikey Sutton claims the deal is all but done.

What do you make of Brie playing She-Hulk? Do you think she would be a good Jennifer Walters?

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