YouTuber Arch Details Next Steps In His ‘Warhammer Is For Everyone’ Campaign To Save Warhammer!

YouTuber Arch recently provided another update on his ‘Warhammer Is For Everyone’ campaign and outlined the next steps in order to save Warhammer.

Arch launched his campaign following a divisive social media post from the Warhammer Community Twitter handle titled ‘Warhammer Is For Everyone.’

However, as you can see below, the actual statement made it clear that Warhammer Is For Everyone was not the actual message they were sending. In fact, one could argue that it was the opposite of the message they were sending.

The final paragraph read, “And if you feel the same way, wherever and whoever you are, we’re glad you are part of the Warhammer community. If not, you will not be missed.”

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In response to this message, Arch launched an email campaign to let Games Workshop know that Warhammer Is For Everyone, and that there is no ‘but’ in the message.

He encouraged his followers to send emails to Games Workshop at the following email address:

Arch even provided his followers with an email template to use.

The email began, “Warhammer is for Everyone, This sentiment was never in doubt in the Warhammer community, Warhammer Fantasy and 40k have been played in stores and hobby rooms all across the globe by people of all races, religions and genders. We were all brought together by our common love for these deep, dark and complex worlds! It superseded our differences and united us with a common love for the game and the universe! In all its grim glory!

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The email continues, “But then, on June the 5th, the Warhammer Community Team stated that we were wrong. For the first time ever Warhammer was NOT for everyone. For the first time ever Warhammer chose to close its doors for some. For the first time ever Warhammer chose to say “If you feel the same way, we are glad to have you, and if you don’t, you will not be missed”. For the first time ever fans of Warhammer were attacked for their opinions.”

It then adds, “The spell was broken, and the community immediately descended into vitriol and witch hunts. A little over a month after the statement the community has never been more fractured, it has never been more divided. And everyone is wondering who is up next on the chopping block.”

The email concludes, “It is time for Games Workshop to step up and say. Warhammer is for Everyone, No “if you agree” No “you will not be missed” No ifs no buts. Warhammer is for everyone, including people like me.”

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The campaign would appear to be initially successful as Arch reported, “Within hours of launching the campaign, we managed to make the GW customer support page go belly up. Yes, indeed we crashed that little bastard. We made it go the way of the dodo. That is impressive.”

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Arch would then claim a “very telling victory” in the campaign when Games Workshop posted their 2019-2020 Annual Report.

In the annual report there was a section titled Diversity that reads, “We continue to recruit for fit: the personal qualities you need to do a particular job as well as the necessary skills. We do not select based on any other criteria. I will do my best to ensure this is the case, and that we are fair and free from any bias and/or prejudice.”

Arch claimed this section was a victory. He explained, “I could not ask for more. It is essentially saying we hire based on merit and you having the skills required to fulfill a certain position. Anything beyond that be it diversity or inclusivity, seminars, or the usual inquisition, or diversity hire agent, all of that has no place at Games Workshop as long as the current CEO is there. And that is bloody music to my ears”

He then elaborated, “Because I think it is a signal essentially saying like, ‘Yea, okay, we don’t want any of this.’ Because why else would he even mention diversity if he didn’t know there is a significant push against enforced diversity. There is a significant amount of resistance to the idea of hiring based on skin color. And from that we can of course extrapolate that we might also be seeing more of an effect in the 41st millennium itself.”

Now, Arch is back with another update and he claims the entire campaign has been a success.

Arch details, “We have, in my opinion, seemingly succeeded in our primary objective to send them a warning and we have received as much of a response as it was ever likely we were going to, in all due honesty, get. ”

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He continued, “When a company feels under pressure like this, they will either respond by outright capitulating if they think there is good PR to be gained by doing so, or simply buttoning the hatches.

Arch then stated, “If we haven’t heard anything yet, the second option is definitely the one we are most likely to put our money on.”

He then details that a number of alleged Games Workshop insiders have told him that, “Yup, the message has been received. A lot of us do sympathize with you and so on…”

Arch does add, “A lot of them also mention that they are downright afraid of their jobs if they do make this public. Because, well, there is a lot of people that want to target them for no other reason because they flat out do not recognize their humanity, honestly.”

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He then states, “Our campaign has achieved its goals… We fired our warning shot. Heed it or not. You are aware of our ability to mobilize now. You are aware of just how many disagree with this nonsense. We have sent a very clear message. Now, we take it a step back.”

Arch explains why, “We don’t really want to jeopardize the good faith we have within GW. We don’t want to antagonize these people. We need to come across as the people we are. Civilized human beings interested in a dialogue and preserving the hobby we all love and keeping it available to as many people as possible. That is our stand point.”

Later he adds, “We did everything we wanted to do. We have achieved our goals. And now we can sit back a bit and observe. If GW just continues doing what we wanted them to do in the first place which is just keep making miniatures, preferably something other than Primaris Marines.

“If they just continue making miniatures, they continue making the lore, the hobby that we all enjoy, then we can get back to whinging about ludicrous prices or too many Primaris Marines, you know, hobby related stuff. And we can all be happy.”

He concludes his video saying, “Hopefully, I will never have to talk about this again. Nothing would make me happier. That is my position at the moment. That’s where I think we are, and that’s what I think we should do, just nothing. Just wait and see.”

What do you make of this latest update on Arch’s ‘Warhammer Is For Everyone’ email campaign? Do you agree with his plan of action moving forward?

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