Cosplayer Hana Bunny recently shared a number photos of her cosplaying as Final Fantasy VII’s Tifa Lockhart that she describes as “Lingerie Tifa.”

Tifa Lockhart first appeared in Final Fantasy VII and more recently in the PlayStation 4 title Final Fantasy VII Remake.

In both versions she is a playable character and member of Avalanche alongside her comrades Barret, Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie.

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She uses her martial arts skills to fight against the Shinra Electric Power Company as well as the allies of Sephiroth.

Here’s how they describe Tifa on the official Final Fantasy VII Remake website:

“A loyal member of Avalanche─an underground organization opposed to Shinra─Tifa also runs Seventh Heaven, a popular bar in the Sector 7 slums. Although she bears a terrible grudge towards Shinra, she is not convinced that bombing mako reactors is the solution. As she struggled to reconcile her cause with her conscience, Tifa was reunited with her childhood friend, Cloud, for the first time in years…”

As for Tifa’s design, as you can see in the screenshots above from Final Fantasy VII Remake she has dark brown hair, and depending on the lighting it can even look black.

She also wears a white crop top with black suspenders and a black skirt. She wears a pair of red boots with long thigh-high black stockings.

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On her hands she wears a pair of black finger-less gloves. Her right arm simply features a black sleeve that runs past her elbow. Her left arm also features the black sleeve, but it is also protected by a red metallic bracer.

While this is her typical outfit seen throughout Final Fantasy VII Remake, she can also wear a number of dresses in Wall Market.

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The first dress is titled the “Mature Dress.” It’s a purple dress with black trim. Tifa also large golden circular earrings and a black choker.

The second dress is titled the “Sporty Dress.” This one is full-length black and silver dress with a chest window and two slits that run up to her hips.

Finally, the third dress is called the “Exotic Dress.” It’s a black dress with a silver waist guard adorned with white bows and a red flower in the middle. The dress also features white bows on both her hips.

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When Tifa is wearing this dress, she also wears a hairband that has a couple of floral designs on it.

Cosplayer Hana Bunny would find inspiration from Tifa’s “Mature Dress” and shared two photos of herself in her cosplay outfit based on the dress.

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Here’s a better look at the first image.

And here’s the second one.

She would then share a video that puts her face on Tifa while she’s wearing the “Sporty Dress.”

Hana Bunny would then reveal a first look at her Lingerie Tifa cosplay.

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Here’s a better look.

She would follow that up with two more images of her Lingerie Tifa cosplay.

You can see a good look at the first one here.

And here’s the second one.

You can see more of Hana Bunny’s Lingerie Tifa cosplay on her Patreon where she has multiple membership levels for backers.

What do you make of Hana Bunny’s Lingerie Tifa cosplay? What about her Mature Dress Tifa cosplay? Which one is your favorite?