A new report suggests Henry Cavill signed a new deal to return as Superman, granting the actor’s wish to play Superman for years to come.

The Cultured Nerd holds that Cavill has a three-picture deal with Warner Bros. giving him that amount of Super solo movies and an option for multiple cameos.

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Henry Cavill Superman BVS

Apparently, Cavill gave the studio his pitch for the Man of Steel and it was so good they were sold. The details of the pitch were not disclosed but we know from past interviews the actor has a fondness for the 2005 story arc Superman: For Tomorrow.

Where the cameos will land him is not certain though the greatest likelihood favors The Flash – which is rumored to have a cameo by Superman and other Justice League members – and Black Adam’s sequel.

Dwayne Johnson, whose ex-wife and business partner is Cavill’s manager, is rumored to want that. It’s also been reported on and off in the past year or so to be in the cards.

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Cavill may also be involved with the Shazam! sequels and future Justice League movies, helmed by Zack Snyder, if The Snyder Cut on HBO Max is successful.

Earlier in the year, it looked as if Cavill wasn’t getting a new solo film (i.e., Man of Steel 2). Instead, the proposed plan was to vouchsafe him cameos in other films, strictly, keeping Superman in the loop as a supporting character much like The Hulk in the MCU.

Thankfully, the studio seems willing to go the full nine – the way it could go for Batman. Cavill’s reported contract follows confirmation Ben Affleck is returning in The Flash, and maybe more, as the Dark Knight. TCN was at the forefront of that news too.

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We remind you this is a rumor that hasn’t been completely verified yet. However, bear in mind also the information is buoyed by various sources including DCU News and the LightCast Podcast.

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