Artist AyyaSAP recently shared a pinup of an older Marnie from both Pokemon Sword and Shield participating in a Champion Cup tournament with her trusty partner Morpeko.

Marnie first appeared in both Pokemon Sword and Shield as a rival to the protagonist after she is first encountered in Motostoke’s Budew Drop Inn.

Not only is she a rival to the player character, but she’s also the idol for Team Yell, a group of overenthusiastic Pokemon fans who work to ensure Marnie will be the next Pokemon champion.

After encountering the player in Motostoke, Marnie participates in the opening ceremony to the Gym Challenge.

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She is next encountered in Motostoke at the Budew Drop Inn before the third Gym Challenge where she proceeds to challenge the player to a duel.

During this initial duel, Marnie uses a variety of dark type and fighting Pokemon. Her lineup includes a level 24 Croagunk, a level 24 Scraggy, and a level 26 Morpeko.

After defeating her, Marnie is next encountered outside Spikemuth. She aids the player character in sneaking into the city and avoiding the blockade created by Team Yell. However, only after the player character is able to defeat her in a duel.

She’s made some strides when the player character duels her for the second time outside Spikemuth. She’s also increased her roster by an additional Pokemon. She uses a level 42 Liepard, a level 43 Toxicroak, a level 43 Scrafty, and a level 44 Morpeko.

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Both Marnie and the player character eventually challenge the Spikemuth Gym leader, Marnie’s brother Piers. When Marnie challenges Piers, he suggests she becomes the new Spikemuth Gym Leader. However, Marnie makes it clear she wants to become the champion.

Marnie’s goal is never achieved as the player character will defeat her during the Champion Cup in the semifinals. 

During this battle, Marnie deploys a level 47 Liepard, a level 47 Toxicroak, a level 47 Scraft, a level 48 Morpeko, and level 49 Grimmsnarl.

After her defeat, Marnie does indeed become the new Gym Leader of Spikemuth. In the post-game she can be challenged daily in Spikemuth as well as during Champion Cup rematches.

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During these matches she uses the same team as her initial Champion Cup bout. The only difference is their levels have increased and the Pokemon have different move sets. But she still deploys a Liepard, Toxicroak, Scrafty, Morpeko, and Grimmsnarl.

Marnie’s Pokemon League Card number is 960.

On the first league card you receive quite a bit of information on Marnie’s personality.

It states, “As a child, she was timid and a bit of a crybaby. However, she became more cheerful as she played with the Pokemon she received from her brother, and her talents as a Trainer also grew greatly.”

“She joined the Gym Challenge because she wishes to breathe life back into her dilapidated hometown, but she says she has been somewhat distracted by the boutiques throughout Galar. Though many in Spikemuth see her as a local celebrity, she herself has no interest in pursuing fame. However, she says she does appreciate the support of Team Yell, her personal cheering squad,” it concludes.

The second league card provides even more information and also shows off a new outfit for the Spikemuth Gym Leader as seen above. It details that Marnie’s personality is affected by her partner Pokemon Morpeko and reveals she speaks with a distinct accent.

The card reads, “She was appointed as the new Gym Leader of Spikemuth by her brother Piers. Piers caught Morpeko and gave it to her when she was five. She still finds herself at the mercy of Morpeko’s mood swings even now.”

It continues, “The local dialect of Spikemuth has a distinct kick to it, and many of Marnie’s fans have started mimicking her. Marnie won’t change her expression even when she gets angry, but once something sets her off, she stays angry for a long time.

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Artist AyyaSAP would share a pinup of an adult Marnie based on a combination of her main outfit seen throughout Pokemon Sword and Shield as well as the outfit she wears when she becomes the Spikemuth Gym Leader.

As you can see above Marnie typically wears a pink dress with a black leather jacket overtop. She also wears a black necklace with a medallion attached. On her feet she wears a pair of black boots.

In her Spikemuth Gym Leader outfit maintains her black and pink color scheme, although the pink is more hot pink compared to the more muted pink dress. Instead of a dress she wears a crop top with a pair of what appear to be yoga pants. She’s also ditched the boots in favor of a pair of sneakers.

AyyaSAP combined these two outfits showing Marnie wearing a pink and black crop top with her black jacket over top of it. Although it appears to be falling off as Marnie participates in the Champion Cup.

Marnie also has the pink and black pants although they have a bit of a different design pattern on them compared to the Spikemuth Gym Leader outfit.

AyyaSAP does add an accessory to Marnie’s outfit as she wears a black purse with a gold chain over her left shoulder.

Take a look.

Here’s a better look.

Marnie is not the only Pokemon character that AyyaSAP has given the pinup treatment to.

In June 2019, AyyaSAP shared a pinup of Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Nessa.

AyyaSAP also shared a pinup of Misty to their Instagram back in 2017 writing, “Misty was chosen by my patrons in a poll, few months ago.”

You can follow AyyaSAP on Twitter, Instagram, and DeviantArt. AyyaSAP also has a Patreon page with multiple levels that you can support.

What do you make of AyyaSAP’s Marnie pinup?