A new trailer for Netflix’s anime Godzilla Singular Point dropped and it reveals more readapted Showa-era kaiju famous for their battles with the veritable King of them all.

Mei-Godzilla Singular Point

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First, give the trailer a watch:

It offers us our first look at two new monsters we weren’t expecting added to the chaos, which Kaiju News Outlet identifies as Hedorah and Kumonga.

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Hedorah made his debut in 1971’s Godzilla vs. Hedorah, an effort so polarizing, director Yoshimitsu Banno was banned from making another Godzilla movie – not that he let that stop him.

Looking more Blob-like and bluer than he did in Suitmation, the Smog Monster is upgraded from a giant trash bag with big eyes but still recognizable.

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Kumonga, the giant alien spider that popped up in Son of Godzilla and Destroy All Monsters, on the other hand, is facing some dispute.

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While the monster pictured is clearly a spider, KNO second-guesses it could be Megalon and some responses agree.

The tunneling god of Seatopia in Godzilla vs. Megalon had drill-shaped hands and Kumonga appears to be attacking the lead human male character with similarly shaped appendages.

Megalon was the enemy of Jet Jaguar, who is a weapon the good guys have to fight back with, so it’s plausible the deified beetle is in Singular Point. Time will tell, though, if that is so.

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Godzilla v Megalon

The series has been full of surprises. When the first teaser dropped and images leaked, fans were surprised to see the returns of Gabara, Anguirus, and the already mentioned Jaguar with updated designs.

Like Hedorah, Kumonga, and Megalon, all these characters originate in the campy kid-friendly Showa period of the 60s and 70s when Godzilla was more of a superhero. Most also made either only one appearance in a single movie or sporadic ones over the years.

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Godzilla_Singular Point_Anguirus

Godzilla Singular Point is also giving us more beastly reboots of Rodan and Titanosaurus as well as the big guy himself.

And the trailer has a lot of shots of the new “Ultima” Gojira doing what he does best: blasting stuff and looking intimidating.

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He’s walking right into the fire to fight an unidentified threat.

Then again he may have caused the blaze himself with his heat ray.

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Something other than him does a bit of glowing and glaring. Perhaps whatever it is, it aims to capture his attention and goad him into battle.

But, if so, that move is folly. Godzilla is no coward. He never shies away from a fight.

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Godzilla Singular Point premieres in Japan on Netflix on March 25th and will broadcast on Japanese TV Thursday nights thereafter.

A binge-watchable US Netflix premiere follows later this spring.