According to new rumors, things on the set of The Batman are only getting worse, as star Robert Pattinson continues to be a pain to work with.

Robert Pattinson - Batman

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Those rumors come to us from YouTube personality and scooper Doomcock in his latest news video.

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We’re encouraged to take the following with a heavy grain of salt, but a source who allegedly spoke to the host at the center of the Earth passed along that Pattinson’s behavior is going off the deep end.

Last we heard of Pattinson, he had reportedly struck up a relationship with co-star Zoe Kravitz. According to an alleged member of the film crew, their connection was so intense that the two not only had a passionate rendezvous on the hood of the Batmobile, but in an incident mirroring recent comics written by Tom King, the actor also impregnated the Catwoman to his Dark Knight.

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Per Doomcock’s source, though the encounter is being denied by several parties and news outlets, a tape of the incident supposedly exists.

But Pattinson apparently wasn’t disciplined and now thinks he can get away with anything. According to the source, Pattinson is next to impossible to get on the set at this stage, and when he is present, the star is usually visibly intoxicated.

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It’s hurting the production, as they are way behind schedule, and Warner Bros. has taken to placing extra pressure on Matt Reeves “to get it done.”

The source further claims that there was “a Zoom session” between Reeves and Warner higher-ups that almost descended into a shouting match.

The Batman's Robert Pattinson Tested Positive for COVID-19, Film Production to Continue After Two Weeks

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Worse yet, if she truly is pregnant, the crew and the producers are afraid Kravitz will start to show. At this facet, Doomcock commented that The Batman is looking less like a Batman movie and more like an episode of Maury Povich.

Though the source doesn’t know for that the alleged child is Pattinson’s, they do add that Kravitz “supposedly claims it’s his” and “it seems they got along before the car.”

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Warner is reportedly sending reps to get things handled and under control, as the cost of replacing Pattinson is just too much based on what they’ve already invested in him.

And apparently, the studio has devoted a significant amount of time and money into digitizing Pattinson so that they can match his appearance in numerous shots with the stuntman wearing the suit.

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This isn’t the first turn of events to plague The Batman. You may recall Pattinson admitted to not working out very much while in forced lockdown a year ago. A previous Doomcock scoop noted he still wasn’t in shape after six months and was sent home again.

Production shut down also for the umpteenth time, allegedly due to someone contracting COVID. When filmmaker Gary J. Tunnicliffe investigated, a connection of his alleged that the virus didn’t shut them down, but rather behavioral conflicts with Pattinson. 

It’s sounding worse all the time on set of this film, but if it gets done at all, it is still scheduled for release this time next year.

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