Ruby Rose Reveals Her Willingness To Return To The CW’s Batwoman Under The Right Conditions

Ruby Rose left Batwoman suddenly after season 1 and with the actress working on films and the network erasing her from a recently aired Arrowverse special, both she and The CW seem to be moving on.

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In a new interview, Rose told ComicBookMovie’s Josh Wilding, “I mean, I’m obviously moving on to other roles as I think I’ve done about three films since [leaving Batwoman].

However, Rose went on to admit that, should the two parties come to an understanding, she would be open to returning to the show – thought not as Batwoman.

She’d want to be Kate Kane, and just Kate Kane, as she fears that if she got back into the suit, her re-appearance would detract from the series’ focus on the new Scarlet Knight played by Javicia Leslie


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“I would totally [return to the show],” said Rose. “I don’t think it would serve the story because I think building the new Batwoman is more important than going back too far into Kate Kane, but of course I would, I would absolutely do anything they wanted as far as that [Laughs].”

She added playing Kate and introducing her to the world to “help inspire a bunch of kids” was special, and also applauded where the show is going with Leslie.


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“It’s such a beautiful thing to be able to watch.” Rose said. “I haven’t watched the whole thing, but I’ve watched a couple episodes, and I think how they’re handling it is beautiful. And I think, it’s like, [Leslie’s] time to shine.”

CW deleted Rose from the line-up of the Arrowverse’s Justice League in a recent special, but it sounds like there is no bad blood. Instead, what we have here might be a vain attempt by the network and producers to push out of people’s minds, to a degree, the fact that Rose ever was Batwoman.

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In other words, the only true Caped Crusader and Vanguard of Hope in the Arrowverse is Ryan Wilder – or so they want us to think.

It could also be that everybody wants to leave the door open for Rose’s return as soon as her schedule is free. Kate Kane’s disappearance is a subplot in the new season and they’ll need to wrap that up somehow, and there’s no better way to do  so than by having Rose make, at the very least, a cameo.

Not that it’d save the show, but bringing things full-circle wouldn’t hurt.

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