Ruby Rose Batwoman Cut from Crisis On Infinite Earths Scene Shown in Arrowverse Special

Things between Ruby Rose, The CW, and Arrowverse producers may be chillier than we know, as a clip taken from the finale of the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover was recently shown during a recent showcase of the DC TV multiverse with Rose edited out of the scene.

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The special, which aired following the premiere of Superman & Lois, featured a clip showing the line-up of the Justice League on Earth-Prime after the Crisis was averted. However, conspicuous in her absence was Rose, clad in her Batsuit and maskless, even though she was there and stood as a member of the team.

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Above is the altered shot for the TV special. Below you will find the original take with Rose, on the left between J’onn J’onnz and White Canary, from early 2020.

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Rose’s absence could be the result of a number of possible factors. There could be legal pressure from Rose, made out of possible a desire to be omitted completely from the Arrowverse and quietly conveyed to CW execs and producers by the actress and her reps, or perhaps the network made the decision on its own.

While it’s not clear why they would do this, other than to drive home the impression Javicia Leslie is the new and irreplaceable Scarlet Knight, The CW appears to be trying to eliminate any reference to Rose where ever they can.

Story wise, she’s still Kate Kane (at least anecdotally), and Batwoman executive producers Caroline Dries and Greg Berlanti are keeping her legacy alive and leaving the door open for her return. However, Rose has yet to resurface in season two.

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Kate disappears after a firey mid-air plane explosion that unintentionally leaves the suit in the possession of Ryan Wilder and what happened to her is one of this season’s big mysteries.

Batwoman’s third season was recently announced despite ratings in the toilet, yet it’s uncertain if there is going to be a satisfactory resolution, much less one that brings Rose back into the picture, to the question of “Where in the world is Kate Kane?”

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Three more of the Arrowverse Leaguers pictured – J’onn, Supergirl, and Black Lightning – won’t see luck any better than Rose, as their shows are getting canceled after their new seasons.

Meanwhile, Ruby Rose has moved on to new roles in other projects like SAS: Red Notice, out later in March.

What do you make of Rose’s removal from the clip of the Crisis on Infinite Earths finale? Let us know your thoughts on social media or in the comments down below!

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