Ezra Miller’s DCEU Scarlet Speedster could return to the Arrowverse in The Flash, according to a new scoop about the in-production movie.

Source: The Flash, The CW

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Noted tipster Mikey Sutton writes in his latest Flash piece on Geekosity that there could be another film-and-TV crossover as Barry shatters barriers of reality in a journey across the Multiverse.

“Apparently, Ezra Miller will travel through the DC multiverse,” Sutton claims, per his sources, which means “He is going to see TV’s Flash Grant Gustin again.”

Source: The Flash, The CW

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Miller infamously encountered Gustin during a surprise cameo in the middle of The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths event over a year ago. It’s a move no one saw coming and DC Films may try to duplicate it.

There’s no question that the Arrowverse is a more successful shared DC universe than the cinema’s Extended one and the movie studios, says Sutton, want to take advantage of that while paying tribute to their small-screen cousin.

It’s the groundwork laid by producer Greg Berlanti and The CW starting with Arrow in 2012, don’t forget, that’s inspiring Walter Hamada and DC Films to incorporate the Multiverse model cinematically.

Source: The CW

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As popular as it remains, they hope to drum up interest in The Flash amongst Arrowverse fans. Therefore, we may be in for more cameos and not just from the current crop of talent.

While Tom Welling denies receiving any calls from the important people, a cameo is reportedly still being discussed. But, as open as the door seems to be for all kinds of appearances, Sutton warns of two caveats.

One is we shouldn’t expect DC movie franchises to bleed into one another narratively, although characters will meet. The Batman, in other words, will stay its own thing.

Source: The CW

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The second caveat is we might be saying goodbye to the Snyderverse. Despite other tips The Flash continues to be rewritten under the wire to accommodate a desire to continue Snyder continuity on HBO Max, WB wants it gone.

Sutton leans more than before toward Snyder’s pocket of the Multiverse getting “its pink slip” in the name of “positive vibes” and a lighter tone – where, ironically, a Batman dies.

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