Left-wing activist Rosanna Arquette is making headlines yet again after making a controversial comparison on her personal Twitter account, throwing around labels that only show how desperate the Ratched actor is for attention these days.

In a tweet, the actor decided to compare Republicans to the Nazi party, sharing her opinion that “Democrats vs nazi party that’s where we are at in America,” to her almost 190 thousand followers.

Source: Rosanna Arquette, Twitter

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Arquette’s unfounded accusations against the Republican Party come right after U.S. House Republicans ousted Wyoming attorney Liz Cheney — daughter of former U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney — out of the party’s leadership role.

Liz Cheney is one of the GOP members who voted to impeach President Donald Trump for inciting an insurrection on the U.S. Capitol on the 6th of January, 2021. There is no evidence, however, that President Trump is to blame for anything that happened on that day.

Source: US House Office of Photography, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Arquette’s tweet is one of many inflammatory comments she has shared on her social media platforms. In this particular case, she only seems to be calling Republicans Nazis because she doesn’t really know any better.

The same can be said about some of the comments that can be found within the comment section of the actor’s tweet.

“It’s so stupid and ridiculous,” reads a comment by user @lhayd, who added “But much worse it’s really f***ing freightening.”

“They are just going about their business as if they didn’t attempt to overthrow democracy,” she continued. “As if they didn’t commit treason,” implying that the events of January 6th were orchestrated by the Republican Party in an attempt to steal the election.

Source: @lhayd, Twitter

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“Republicans are openly advocating for #AmericanApartheid,” wrote TEDx Talker entrepreneur Lori Granito.

Source: Lori Granito, Twitter

Another hot take comes from user @aleftsock, who asserts that, “What concerns me is what the GOP is doing behind closed doors to empower legislatures with the ability to overturn results.”

They added, “They know they can’t win on their terrible ideas, so they’re working to seize power with impunity.”

Source: @aleftsock, Twitter

Huffington Post contributor Jillian Zuckerman also had a rather interesting take on Rosanna Arquette’s unfounded tweet, writing “It’s disgusting and the responses from some republicans are just embarrassing and immature. How are we here at this point?”

Source: Jillian Zuckerman, Twitter

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Rosanna Arquette has a long history of posting unfunded claims on her social media accounts. Just last week, for example, she claimed that Jesus would be murdered by the police in this day and age — continuing to push her anti-police narrative down people’s throats.

The actor has even gone as far as not only declaring that she will no longer stand for the flag of the United States of America, but that she is also disgusted of being white — which, again, seems like a desperate attempt to seek attention.

Source: Rosanna Arquette, Twitter

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