Thor: Ragnarok director and featured player in The Suicide Squad Taika Waititi may join James Gunn in jumping ship from Marvel to DC Films for a new project that would put the Ratcatcher 1 performer in the chair yelling “Action!”.

Source: Free Guy (2021), 20th Century Studios

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According to one of their alleged sources, Giant Freakin Robot reports that, while filming his handful of scenes for The Suicide Squad, Waititi had a conversation with Gunn and a few Warner Bros. executives about the possibility of him helming a DC film.

No further details were put forth, but that hasn’t stopped the speculation, as based on his appearance as a bit player in the failed 2011 Green Lantern movie, his resume of cosmic action movies, and his continued working relationship with Ryan Reynolds – the notorious Hal Jordan of a decade ago – it’s believed Waititi will get a crack at a reboot of the Emerald Knight.

Source: Green Lantern (2011), Warner Bros.

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A new Green Lantern feature with Hal, and maybe John Stewart, is currently in some phase of development alongside Geoff Johns’ long-planned Green Lantern Corps film. Johns is also involved with the Green Lantern HBO Max series, which may lead to fresh appearances from both Jordan and Stewart on the streaming service exclusive series.

GFR notes that Waititi has a way of getting involved with Disney IPs and, subsequently, being entrusted with more responsibility regarding their IPs. He and Marvel made a hit out of Thor: Ragnarok, which made him the man for the Love and Thunder job that has just wrapped.

Source: Free Guy (2021), 20th Century Studios

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The same thing happened with Star Wars, where the Kiwi comedian directed an episode of The Mandalorian after appearing earlier in the same series as IG-11. Not only that, he’s now attached as the writer and director of an as-of-yet-unspecified upcoming Star Wars movie.

Given that he’s proven himself as a competent filmmaker in his own right, his track record – along with a little cajoling when he had their ear – may have gained him the faith of WB. As the studio is currently seeking to reboot a number of their properties, they may have realized that their best shot at doing so successfully is to use the same people Marvel had their best luck with.

Source: Free Guy (2021), 20th Century Studios

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The Suicide Squad’s lukewarm box office isn’t a good sign that WB is on the right track again, but as the door is open to Gunn and Waititi to do more, there’s still a chance the studio could still turn things around.

Waititi is currently busy with a Time Bandits remake, a Flash Gordon adaptation that was recently updated into a live-action feature, and his FX sitcom Reservation Dogs, so it could be a while before he goes back to DC for any potential space opera.

Source: Ryan Reynolds YouTube

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