Though the mission may be over, it appears James Gunn isn’t ready to leave the Suicide Squad behind, as the director has continued a number of behind the scenes cast photos from the set of his latest superhero endeavor.

Source: The Suicide Squad (2021), Warner Bros. Entertainment

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On Instagram, Gunn recently shared an image of his brother  Sean – who also provided motion capture for official Suicide Squad member Weasel – in his cameo role as Batman villain Calendar Man, seen at Belle Reve seen during The Suicide Squad’s first act

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But Calendar Man is not alone; behind Gunn are fellow DC villains Double Down and Karma, portrayed by Jared Leland Gore and an unknown actor, respectively.

Double Down is noteworthy for being created by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver. Real name Jeremy Tell, the killer gambler’s roots go back to 2001 and the comic The Flash: Iron Heights.

After murdering the winner of a poker game, a cursed deck of cards bonded to Tell’s skin, granting him the ability to peel them off one-by-one and throw them with dark magic.

Mainly a Flash villain, Tell has also, on occasion, tangled with Nightwing, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Superman, and even Pied Piper. His big run-in with the Suicide Squad came when Piper and Trickster left Tell at a diner to get arrested.

Source: The Flash: Iron Heights (2001), DC Comics. Words by, Geoff Johns, art by Ethan Van Sciver, Prentis Rollins, and Chris Chuckry.

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Karma, on the other hand, was created by Bryan Edward Hill and Miguel Mendonca and first appeared in Detective Comics #983 in 2018.

Otherwise known as Markovian mercenary Fleet Delmar, Karma used an alien helmet that could read minds and project energy to seek revenge on Batman for maiming him and infecting him with fear gas.

His run in the comics didn’t last long, as he was killed by Ra’s al-Ghul in his last appearance in 2020, so Karma is one obscure character to dig up.

Source: Detective Comics, Vol. 1, #983 — DC Comics

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Like Karma, Calendar Man has roots in Detective Comics, though his trace back to the late 1950s. He is another creation of the unsung Bill Finger whose existence and contributions – much like his maker’s – grew more appreciated post-Silver Age.

Calendar Man’s notoriety rose with the release of The Long Halloween series, wherein he played a critical role in helping Batman and Jim Gordon get inside the mind of the tale’s killer.

Source: Batman — The Long Halloween Part 2, Warner Animation

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the recent two-part DC Animated feature adaptation of the classic Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale story kept Calendar Man around and – in a bit of coincidence – allowed for The Suicide Squad’s Polka Dot Man, David Dastmalchian, to voice him

Both Weasel and Calendar Man survived Gunn’s entry into the DCEU so if there is ever a sequel, Sean Gunn could be facing double duty.

Source: The Suicide Squad (2021), Warner Bros.

The same can’t be said for Polka Dot Man, but at least he got to be a superhero for a little while.

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