Ethan Van Sciver Says Marvel And DC Enabled By US Labor Regulations To Make Comics “Woke Bait”

Source: Superman Unchained #3 cover, DC Comics

Cyberfrog creator and outspoken critic of the current mainstream comic industry Ethan Van Sciver continues to call out what he refers to as “Woke Bait” peddled by Marvel and DC.

Source: Cyberfrog 2: Rekt Planet

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He adds though, that the US government is enabling – and possibly paying with your tax dollars – for what amounts to propaganda from activists at its worst.

In a long Twitter thread, Van Sciver wrote, “Marvel and DC have become Woke Bait for potentially trillions of dollars of ESG [environmental, social, governance] investment capital. Your future. Your money. They’re getting it whether you buy their Woke garbage comics or not.”

Source: Ethan Van Sciver Twitter

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He lays the blame on corporations for chasing social agendas during the administration of former President Barack Obama.

Van Sciver tweeted prior, “Under Obama, employers became able to gamble their employees’ futures on their own personal social causes & beliefs, by expressly allowing businesses to ‘make investment decisions that reflect climate change and other environmental, social, or governance (ESG) considerations…’”

Source: Ethan Van Sciver Twitter

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This was a U-turn from Labor Department regulations that stipulated companies and investment managers had to select profitable exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or mutual funds for employees’ 401Ks based on tenable financial factors.

Van Sciver tweeted, “Once more: The US Department of Labor used to enforce regulations that employers and their investment managers chose their employees’ investment plans based on financial factors. They’d need to choose mutual funds or ETFs that looked profitable for their employees 401K plans..”


Source: Ethan Van Sciver Twitter

The “big corporations” could then virtue signal freely without proving their profitability “to attract investor capital, they only needed to prove they weren’t transphobic, and cared about Diversity and Inclusion.”

Source: Ethan Van Sciver Twitter

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The Cyberfrog creator added “It’s pretty easy for massive companies like Disney to whore out their comic book publishing division to the required activists, and that’s precisely what they’ve done,” like many others at the wheel in several industries.

Source: Ethan Van Sciver Twitter

Naturally, the Labor Department under President Trump tried to fix this runaway activity but Joe Biden is reverting to the policy and norms of the Obama years “Quietly.”

And Biden is doing it behind the backs of the consumer. “You probably didn’t even know it was happening,” Van Sciver wrote, “But now you know why.”

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Source: Ethan Van Sciver Twitter

Continuing his thread, he added “it should be clear, why gender and race swapping of classic comic book characters” and “why every third character” grabs headlines on CNN and in the New York Times for coming out as gay or bisexual.

Source: Ethan Van Sciver Twitter

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In his closing thought, Van Sciver expressed his belief – made evident by Twitter’s “SJW population” – that companies aren’t left-wing in principle. They are only taking the easy route by being virtue-signaling SJWs because showing profit potential is too hard.

Source: Ethan Van Sciver Twitter

More than enabling, the government is collaborating with the comic industry when the moment calls for it, as in the case of DC using giveaways and special material to promote vaccinations of children under 12 at Children’s Hospitals around the country.

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