Batgirl Set Photos Provide New Look At Brendan Fraser’s Rumored Firefly Character

Source: George of the Jungle (1997), Walt Disney Pictures

We got our first glimpse of Brendan Fraser on the UK set of Batgirl in a recently leaked set of photos that also give more clues about small background details. The images come from Batgirl Film News (@BatgirFilm) with help from @PimPimCreative.

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They appear to show Fraser between the takes of a scene or prepping for filming while he talks to director Adil El Arbi and an older female crew member.

Fraser wears a hat and a heavy jacket whereas El Arbi and the woman wear yellow vests and observe COVID protocols with masks which the star known for The Mummy and Doom Patrol does not have.

Source: George of the Jungle (1997), Walt Disney Pictures

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This could be because Britain has eased off mask mandates or more likely due to Omicron and pandemics not being a factor in the DCEU.

Regarding actual Batgirl plot points, nothing about Fraser’s part in the film is really given away here. That’s consistent when the celebration of his birthday on Instagram didn’t spoil much either.

We know he plays the villain and that is strongly believed to be Firefly with most reports that venture to guess predicting Fraser is specifically Garfield Linz – the civilian identity most commonly tied to the pyrotechnic bad boy.

Source: Batman, Arkham Knight (2015); Rocksteady Games

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Not a lot is known about Firefly’s backstory in the script though rumored casting calls claim he is written by Christina Hodson to be a bitter and vengeful ex-firefighter pushing 60.

This is a lot closer to Garfield Linz’s origin and arc in the Arrowverse when he made an appearance as the villain of the week on an episode of Arrow.

Source: Arrow, The CW

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It’s not totally clear, therefore, if Fraser’s take on the Post-Crisis Batman foe will brew incendiary chemicals or find alternate ways of setting things alight. We haven’t even seen any sign of the trademark bug-eyed helmet yet.

By contrast, what’s become more manifest based on the above images is Batgirl will be set around Christmastime with snow and decorations to go with that, as you can see on the street and in the store windows.

Source: The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008), Universal Pictures

Batgirl also stars Leslie Grace, Michael Keaton, J.K. Simmons, and transgender activist Ivory Aquino as DC Films’ first transgender character to be put on film, Alysia Yeoh.

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