J.K. Rowling, creator of the Harry Potter series, is being targeted by the cancel culture mob yet again, after expressing her opinion on biological men self-identifying as women and declaring that normalising such behaviour is dangerous.

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On the 2nd of March, the Scottish Parliament introduced the Gender Recognition Reform Bill, which seeks to “changes the process to get a gender recognition certificate (GRC),” further explaining that said certificate “legally recognises that a person’s gender is not the gender that they were assigned at birth, but is their ‘acquired gender.'”

Sharing a heartfelt testimony by The Scotsman’s Susan Dalgety, who tells the story of when was sexually assaulted at the age of 11, Rowling writes, “The most searing, heartfelt and courageous response yet to [Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Housing and Local Government Shona Robison]’s astounding claim in the Scottish parliament that there is no evidence sexual predators ‘have ever had to pretend to be anything else.'”

“Susan, as a fellow survivor, I salute you,” concluded Rowling’s message to Dalgety.

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Under the comment section of Rowling’s initial tweet, Twitter user @angijones wrote, “There is self ID in my city (Melbourne, Australia) Men are self identifying in to female sexual assault recovery services.”

She went on, “Say no and they take you to the Human Rights Tribunal. Women self exclude. Groups implode. No more services for our most vulnerable women.”

Agreeing with the comment above, the author asserted, “Exactly this. The law [First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon]’s trying to pass in Scotland will harm the most vulnerable women in society: those seeking help after male violence/rape and incarcerated women.”

“Statistics show that imprisoned women are already far more likely to have been previously abused,” Rowling elaborated.

Source: J.K. Rowling, Twitter

On the 3rd of March, as she introduced the Gender Recognition Reform Bill, Robison declared that “There is no evidence that predatory and abusive men have ever had to pretend to be anything else to carry out abusive and predatory behaviour.”

Alluding to the comments made by the Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Housing and Local Government of Scotland, Rowling said, “A few short days after [Shona Robison] claimed there’s no evidence predators have ‘ever had to pretend to be anything else,’ [Councillor Mhairi Hunter] tells concerned women that the way to address their concerns is to pass the legislation they have concerns about.”

Hunter’s tweet in question read, “When you have two groups of people who don’t even agree on what the gender recognition process is and what effect it has, no wonder people talk past each other. I don’t have an answer to this except to pass the legislation. Show rather than tell.”

Source: J.K. Rowling, Twitter

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In response to Rowling’s tweet shown above, one disgruntled Twitter user accused the author of spreading fear regarding the Gender Recognition Reform Bill.

“The fact is men can already dress as a woman and hide in a bathroom if they want, nobody does this and you’re just fear mongering,” wrote @GordieKat in a now-deleted tweet.

Source: @GordieKat, Twitter

“I assume this is parody?” Rowling promptly replied to the disgruntled Twitter user’s accusation, before bringing forward a known case of sexual abuse against a minor perpetrated by a transgender woman a few years back.

She went on, “Trans woman Katie Dolatowski was convicted of the attempted rape of a 10-year-old girl in 2018, a short car ride away from the Scottish parliament. The attack took place in a supermarket bathroom.”

Source: J.K. Rowling, Twitter

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Rowling would go on to post a couple of tweets to call out the First Minister of Scotland, claiming that “Multiple women’s groups have presented well-sourced evidence to [Nicola Sturgeon]”‘s government about the likely negative consequences of this legislation for women and girls, especially the most vulnerable.”

Source: J.K. Rowling, Twitter

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She continued, “All has been ignored. If the legislation and those consequences ensue as a result, the [Scottish National Party] govt can’t pretend it wasn’t warned.”

Source: J.K. Rowling, Twitter

On Tuesday, speaking to BBC 4 Radio’s Emma Barnett, Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities, and Chair of the Labour Party, Anneliese Dodds, struggled to give a proper definition of the word woman, claiming that there were “different definitions legally around what a woman actually is,” noting that there’s  “the biological definition, legal definition,” and “all kinds of things.”

For International Women’s Day, Dodds shared a related video with the caption, “Labour will lift women up, not hold them back. Because we are the party of equality.”

Rowling called out the Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities on social media, in response to a tweet that quoted what Dodds had said on BBC 4 Radio, writing, “Someone please send the Shadow Minister for Equalities a dictionary and a backbone.”

Source: J.K. Rowling, Twitter

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“This is what a woman who owns a dictionary and a backbone looks like,” stated the Harry Potter author as she retweeted Women’s Rights Networks tweet announcing that the winner of Women’s Rights Network Woman of the year 2022 was Scottish Member of Parliament Joanna Cherry “In recognition and respect of the tireless work she has carried out promoting the rights of women & girls.”

Source: J.K. Rowling, Twitter

Making allusion to Harry Potter series’ main villain, Rowling asserted that Women’s International Day would be renamed to “We Who Must Not Be Named Day” under a Labour government.

Source: J.K. Rowling, Twitter

Later that day, J.K. Rowling retweeted a video shared by the Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities, pointing out that Dodds wasn’t able to define the word woman in her interview with BBC 4 Radio.

“This morning you told the British public you literally can’t define what a woman is,” wrote Rowling, asking Dodds, “What is the plan, lift up random objects until you find one that rattles?”

“You really want your legacy to die on this hill?” asked one user in response to Rowling’s tweet questioning Anneliese Dodds’ video shared on International Women’s Day, to which the renowned author replied, “Yes, sweetheart. I’m staying right here on this hill, defending the right of women and girls to talk about themselves, their bodies and their lives in any way they damn well please.”

Rowling concluded, “You worry about your legacy, I’ll worry about mine.”

Source: J.K. Rowling, Twitter

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Rowling’s comments sparked the ire of transgender ideology advocates, who targeted the Harry Potter author in her latest tweet’s comments section.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee Director Allana Harkin took issue with the author’s comments, writing, “If you told me in the late 90’s that JK Rowling would be the one to make trans kids feel bad about themselves I would have never believed you.”

“It’s incredibly sad,” she added.

Source: @AllanaHarkin, Twitter

“Literally no one is telling women or girls that they can’t talk about their bodies or themselves? I don’t understand how you can make this into some fight against women that doesn’t exist. You are on the wrong side of history and this is what you’re going to be remembered for,” cried user @inkedvirgo.

Source: @inkedvirgo, Twitter

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“I wouldn’t worry about your legacy either, it’s already ruined,” asserted @ItsKateActually., suggesting that Rowling will be “spoken of in future in the same way as we talk about historical bigots today.”

Source: @ItsKateActually, Twitter

“I love what you did for many of hearts and souls around the world, but I always got myself thinking… what do you have to say for many trans people who used to love the stories you did? Most of them are really upset with you…” declared @jrodriguez92.

Source: @jrodriguez92, Twitter

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“That’s actually very specifically the thing you are fighting against,” cluelessly wrote @PetreRaleigh.

Source: @PeterRaleigh, Twitter

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Twitter user @MeghanStout said, “I still can’t wrap my arms around the thought that Harry Potter’s entire magic came about because of pure, unconditional love, and yet here you are…”

Source: @MeghanStout, Twitter

More recently, insufferably woke YouTuber Vaush not only criticised Rowling for her views on women’s rights, but also insulted her on social media writing, “All JK Rowling had to do was shut the f—k up and she could have been almost critically beloved for like a century.”

“Women be quieter and start apologizing challenge,” the woke YouTuber added.

“What you and your ilk fail to appreciate is how tediously familiar I find your tactics,” Rowling fired back. ” I had a violent ex-husband who used to tell me life would be great if only I’d comply, but you’re making the same mistake he did. Women like me can’t be bullied out of resistance.”

Source: J.K. Rowling, Twitter

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While the Harry Potter author was being targeted by the cancel culture mob for her views on women’s rights, Rowling also got some support on social media.

Conservative columnist Bethany S. Mandel thanked Rowling for standing up for women.

Source: Bethany S. Mandel, Twitter

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Transgender political commentator Blaire White also took to social media to defend Rowling’s views on women’s rights, declaring, ” And those of us with a brain appreciate you so much! You’ve only further solidified your icon status, queen.”

Source: Blaire White, Twitter

What do you make of J.K. Rowling’s comments on the Gender Recognition Bill that was recently passed in Scotland? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below or on social media.

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