Rumor: Multiple Silent Hill Games In Development Including One That Texts You, A Silent Hill 2 Remake, And Silent Hill Stories

Source: Silent Hill HD Collection (2012), Konami Digital Entertainment

Three new Silent Hill games are allegedly in development, a brand new title that can text you in real life, a remake of Silent Hill 2 by Bloober Team, and an episodic series dubbed “Stories.” 

Source: Silent Hill: Homecoming (2008), Konami

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Leaker @AestheticGamer1- who had previously leaked details about Resident Evil VIII and an alleged Resident Evil 4 remake– shared what appears to be promotional shots of the next Silent Hill game.

“(1/2) Silent Hill leak. There’s a lot I’m not sharing for now. This is from a relatively new source for me, but I have been given more than enough proof to believe them. I also will mention the names “Anita & Maya”, “SMS Messages”, & this is not the only SH game in dev,” @AestheticGamer1 claimed.

Source: AestheticGamer1, Twitter

The images include a ruined room- possibly an apartment- filled with garbage, torn wallpaper, and broken windows. Another shows a corridor filled with post-it notes with abusive messages such as “pervert” and “fat b****” scrawled on them, with what seems to be a humanoid in a dress at the end of it with a dandelion-esque head.

We also see a woman, who’s face is peeling apart like the post-it notes, with more abusive and even bloodied messages under the skin. One message reads “minger,” slang in the UK meaning ugly. 

“[The shots] are a bit dated, from 2020,” @AestheticGamer1 claimed, “so maybe this project looks a bit different now. But what I’m choosing to share. I know many will doubt this, but I have a lot of private proof to show this is real, & as always, I continue to wait on the Silent Hill game reveal.”

Source: AestheticGamer1, Twitter

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Somewhat lending credence to the claim, @AestheticGamer1’s tweet later had it’s images removed under Twitter’s DMCA policy (“This image has been removed in response to a report from the copyright holder”).

@WhozSinz pointed out “Wait, sms messages? As in what kojimas silent hills was supposed to have?” before citing a 2019 tweet from Santa Monica Studio writer and YouTuber, Alanah Pearce.

At the time Pearce had stated “I heard that Silent Hills would require you to sign a waiver before playing because it would somehow interact with your real-world self, like by sending you emails or text messages as characters from the game even when you weren’t actively playing.”

Source: WhozSinz, Alanah Pearce, Twitter

Posting on ResetEra @AestheticGamer1- also known as Dusk Golem- answered one user’s inquiry if Sony was involved. “This one I’ll answer, Sony’s still involved.” They also used ResetEra to confirm they were briefly locked out of their Twitter account due to DMCA by Konami.

Source: Dusk Golem, ResetEra

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Users on r/SilentHill also uncovered alleged concept art by Masahiro Ito- Monster Designer and Art Director on several Silent Hill games- near identical to the post-it note corridor.

The door can now be seen, with graffiti identical to Banksy vs Robbo global warming piece. That in turn paraphrased Monty Python’s Life of Brian with the line “He’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty…” 

Source: Resident-Story972, Reddit

Along with Silent Hill’s narrative usually involving The Order cult attempting to summon their god or bring about the end of the world, the quote would be somewhat appropriate- albeit The Order’s god is female.

While the “Team Robbo” signature is kept, there is also a chance the Monty Python-centric quote further suggests a UK-based Silent Hill. Despite the original Silent Hill’s location in the state of Maine, The Order has members who traveled outside of the US, and characters from across the US have been dragged into Silent Hill’s world, essentially via magic.

Source: Silent Hill 2 (2001), Konami

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It seems multiple Silent Hill games may be in the works however. The claim comes from leaker Nate the Hate- who had previously claimed a new Fire Emblem game would be launched in 2022, though seemingly not Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Nate shared two claims. “Bloober Team working on Silent Hill 2 Remake. Reworked puzzles. New Endings. Timed PlayStation Console Exclusive,” and “Multiple Silent Hill projects in development; including new mainline entry & side ‘stories’.” “Not confirmed. Just sharing what I’ve heard,” Nate emphasized.

Source: NateTheHate2, Twitter

Video game journalist Jeff Grubb added to Nate’s claims. “This is the stuff I’ve heard, and it comes from multiple different sources. Not all of my sources are primary, but everything is mostly lining up.”

“To me, the biggest indicator is the stuff I’ve seen lines up with Konami doing a big reveal at E3 last year before it pulled out.”

Source: Jeff Grubb, Twitter

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However, Grubb also denounced a 2021 report by Gematsu claiming Konami were working on revivals of Castlevania, Metal Gear, and Silent Hill. Nate and Grubb’s claims were also supported by VGC’s sources

Rumors of Silent Hill reboots and new titles have persisted ever since Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills was effectively cancelled after his departure from Konami in 2015, though claims of a Silent Hill 2 remake are somewhat new.

Source: Until Dawn (2015), Sony Computer Entertainment

@AestheticGamer1 had previously claimed in 2020 that Konami were reaching out to developers in 2018 in order to make two Silent Hill games. One a soft reboot, the other an episodic game akin to Until Dawn.

VGC’s sources would later note that while Supermassive had been approached, the project would later become the episodic horror game series The Dark Pictures. Publisher Annapurna Interactive is however reportedly involved with the “stories” project. 

Source: Silent Hills (Cancelled), Konami

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RelyOnHorror also reported in 2020 that, according to their sources, Ito would return to design the monsters, along with director and writer Keiichiro Toyama and composer Akira Yamaoka returning.

While they worked on the soft reboot, Kojima’s Silent Hills would allegedly continue without him, utilizing VR. Regardless, Konami would go on to deny these rumors in 2020. 

Source: Dead by Daylight (2016), Behaviour Interactive

In February 2021 however, Yamaoka stated in an interview with a YouTuber that his next project would be “the one you’re hoping to hear about.” The video was titled “New Silent Hill Game?,” and subsequently removed, though Konami denied having a part in its removal.

Later that same month Piotr Babieno, the CEO of The Medium developer Bloober Team- stated in an interview that “we’ve been working for more than a year on another gaming project, another horror IP, and we’re doing this with a very famous gaming publisher.”

Source: The Medium (2021), Bloober Team

Yamaoka had worked as a joint composer on The Medium, and with YouTuber TheGrateDebate citing comments by Yamaoka that he was working with Bloober Team once again, it seemed all but certain Bloober Team were working on a Silent Hill game.

VGC also noted that their sources indicated “a prominent Japanese developer” was also working on a Silent Hill game. However, they also claimed the game would be revealed that summer. 

Konami would announce they had signed a “strategic co-operation agreement” with Bloober Team in June 2021, all but confirming what many had rumored and suspected. 

Source: Silent Hill 3 (2003), Konami

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