Despite the brand’s constant virtue signaling against harassment and bullying, the official Star Wars Twitter has given approval to its followers running a fan off of the social media platform after said fan responded to the account’s sharing of a Pride Month cover for a Marvel Star Wars comic by asking that the franchise remain apolitical.

Source: Obi-Wan Kenobi Season 1 Episode 1 (2022), Disney Plus

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Promoting the issue’s release that same day, on June 14th the official Star Wars Twitter account shared the standard cover to the 24th issue of Marvel’s Star Wars: Bounty Hunters, as drawn by Jan Bazaldua and featuring lesbian partners T’onga and Losha, and asked readers to “Celebrate #PrideMonth” by grabbing the issue.

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Amidst an outpouring of both support and criticism for its sentiment, user @FinleyM95528333 replied to the tweet with the assertion, “Don’t make Star Wars political”.

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Singling @FinleyM95528333 out of the crowds of many who were making the same request, the official Star Wars Twitter then fired back, “1. Queer characters existing isn’t political”.

Moving to present the tired and disingenuous argument that ‘the presence of political themes’ are the exact same thing as ‘overt political soapboxing’, they added, “2. Star WARS is literally in our name.”

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Their account brought to the attention of Star Wars’ numerous stans, @FinleyM95528333 was soon inundated with both accusations of bigotry and further attempts to run with the official account’s above attempt to redefine the colloquial use of ‘political’.

“Star Wars existence is purely because of politics,” wrote @tbro0902. “People just hate the lgbtq+ for whatever reason and make up shit to justify their hate. A sad, sad life to live.”

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@ListeningToFilm quipped, “Oh look, another person confusing ‘political’ with ‘challenging my myopic, likely bigoted worldview'”.

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“I just know Kathleen sat down this year and said you know what? This franchise isn’t taking any shit from its fans anymore,” praised @taeshusband. “And here we are, a based af response from the official twitter.”

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“Damn, Finley,” said @DrewMcWeeny. “You just got bodied by STAR WARS. That was straight-up humiliating, dude. Congratulations on never understanding the media you consume!”

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Ultimately, in the face of this outpouring of condemnation, @FinleyM95528333 fully deleted their Twitter account.

It was in support of one such tweet that the account eventually approved of this pile-on.

Source: (L-R): Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) and Darth Vader (Hayden Christensen) in Lucasfilm’s OBI-WAN KENOBI, exclusively on Disney+. © 2022 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All Rights Reserved.

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Retweeting the official Star Wars’ account initial call out of @FinleyM95528333, @ServingPinkMilk exclaimed “Thank YOU Star Wars!!!!”

“Thank you @Lucasfilm for getting ready to box!” they continued. “Thank you KK for enough is enough! ‘Star Wars is For Everyone’ doesn’t work if we just stand by. Thank you, @starwars for NOT just standing by anymore.”

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In turn, the official Star Wars account proudly declared, “There are more of us.”

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The account would reiterate this stance to user @estarguarstia, ostensibly in response to a video shared by multiple users wherein she can be seen responding to the assertion by popular fandom YouTuber Star Wars Theory’s that if “we’re getting Star Wars, it has to be perfect” by declaring that “he sounds like an ungrateful little child imo”.

Tweeting to @estarguarstia independent of any particular thread, the official Star Wars account once again proudly announced, “there are more of us.”

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