SLEAZY: Hollywood Again Celebrates Male Strippers In Third ‘Magic Mike’ Movie After Years Of Attacking Trump’s Moral Character

Excerpt of 'Magic Mike's Last Dance' (2023) poster featuring Salma Hayek and Channing Tatum.
'Magic Mike's Last Dance' (2023) Poster Excerpt, Warner Bros.

Get ready for Channing Tatum and Salma Hayek to bring male strippers back to the silver screen with the latest Magic Mike movie. And with its release, it’s a good time to recall how the sleazy entertainment industry has spent years madly attacking President Trump and his voters for their supposed lack of moral character.

Salma Hayek looking distressed in the movie 'Magic Mike's Last Dance' (2023).

‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ (2023), Warner Bros.

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Hollywood has declared itself America’s conscience, and when celebrities tell lowly citizens they’re despicable for having voted for President Trump, they believe lowly citizens ought to hang their heads in shame. Still, some lowly citizens have the audacity to refuse to follow these orders. Some might even hold Hollywood in contempt for attempting to tell them what to do at all.

And some might even point to Hollywood pumping out an unending stream of sleaze as being one of the big reasons for that contempt. For instance, the aforementioned Magic Mike’s Last Dance, the third installment in the male stripper series. Yes, the Guardians of American Morality want the peasants to support their latest celebration of strippers.

Salma Hayek looking distressed in the movie 'Magic Mike's Last Dance' (2023).

‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ (2023), Warner Bros.

On Feb. 9, Yahoo Entertainment ran a puff piece on the film and went with the headline: “Salma Hayek Pinault talks steamy lap dance in new ‘Magic Mike’ sequel: ‘It was joyful’.” And the opening sentence says that “it doesn’t take long into the movie until the actress is, uh, thrust into the action.”

In the next paragraph, the article reports that, “Magic Mike’s Last Dance is barely five minutes old by the time Hayek’s wealthy socialite Maxandra Mendoza convinces Channing Tatum’s titular stripper to come out of retirement and treat her to a very lengthy, very steamy lap dance that would make fans of ‘90s “Skinemax” late-night programming blush.”

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Still later the article informs its readers: “Tatum conceived the original Magic Mike film with writer-director Steven Soderbergh from his own experiences as an 18-year-old stripper in Tampa Bay, Fla.”

Judging from the trailer for the movie, the article appears to be spot on. And as a side note, perhaps one of the worst parts of the trailer is that it features Hayek in a purple jumpsuit. For some reason, women believe that jumpsuits are attractive articles of clothing. Clearly they are not. And when you realize how women use the toilet while wearing them? Yeah, they become just a complete turnoff.

Salma Hayek with her legs spread around Channing Tatum in the movie 'Magic Mike's Last Dance' (2023).

‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ (2023), Warner Bros.

But I digress.

Anyone who might object to Magic Mike would receive instant ridicule and denunciation from Hollywood and its acolytes. “Prude! Puritan! Consenting adults can do what they want! You need to learn to lighten up!” And this ridicule would go on endlessly. It’s what always happens when Hollywood pushes out something like this and someone objects to it.

Salma Hayek looking wet and distressed in the movie 'Magic Mike's Last Dance' (2023).

‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ (2023), Warner Bros.

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This is precisely why so many people have no time for celebrities’ lectures on Trump and his moral character (regardless of where he is supposedly lacking moral character). Americans didn’t have time for it during his initial campaign and time in the White House, and they don’t have time for it now with the illegitimate Biden regime being in power. Hollywood has led the way in tearing down society and so it has zero moral authority on anything.

So get ready to be bombarded over the next few weeks with ads and hype telling everyone to go have fun by watching Magic Mike, a movie about male strippers. And while that’s happening, feel free to despise sleazy Hollywood more and more. Because no matter how much contempt people have for celebrities, it’s never enough.

‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ (2023) Poster, Warner Bros. Pictures

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