Superman: Legacy is slated to deal with exactly that according to the film’s writer and presumptive director, James Gunn. The iconic American hero will deal with the legacy he sets for himself while balancing his alien heritage with the human culture and compassion he embraces. He’s poised to return to his roots devoted to Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel (2013), Warner Bros. Pictures

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Gunn’s reboot isn’t expected until the summer of 2025 so how all these elements will play out in his story is still an enigma. What he’s written is under lock and key, and chances are an airtight NDA, so what is exposed to the public amounts only to what he and Warner Bros. are willing to tell everyone.

But, as history shows, extenuating factors don’t stop supposed insiders and they aren’t stopping them now. We have a rumor that a YouTuber heard from an alleged insider, but before we share it, we want you to know we are doing so with caution. This information doesn’t come from the usual scoopers or commentators we cite who have a proven track record.

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So, while what we’re about to report sounds like Gunn’s MO, we urge you to take it with heavy grains of salt – as many as you can carry. With that out of the way, what we hear comes from a commentator named Middle Grounded who said an insider told him Superman: Legacy will take a satirical turn to replace Clark Kent.

The insider claims that we will see Kal-El’s ship headed for Earth, like before, except this time, it veers off course away from the planet. Where it goes, we don’t find out, but another ship takes its place from out of nowhere and lands in Kansas. This new craft, in a stranger twist, contains a Black Kryptonian baby.

Superman and Black Lightning are Legends

Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and Black Lightning (Cress Williams) in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 5” (2019), The CW

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He is taken in and raised by the Kents, who are on a mission to fight racism, to become the new Superman. It sounds ridiculous but you never know where that line is in Hollywood these days. Gunn has relied on gags and shock twists before and there’s a bad feeling in the air that the DCU will go in the wrong direction.

“Wrong” is the same path taken by MCU Phase 4 and Disney Star Wars. If David Zaslav wants to turn Warner Bros. and DC around, imitating the failures of his chief competitor would be a mistake. They reportedly are still moving forward with a POC spin on Superman; however, it’s a standalone project produced by JJ Abrams and being written by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Clark Kent faces himself in 'Superman III' (1983), Warner Bros.

Clark Kent faces himself in ‘Superman III’ (1983), Warner Bros.

Middle Grounded and his source could be conflating the two movies, assuming their intel is genuine. It’s unknown how this “insider” got his hands on Gunn’s script or if he heard something second-hand – much like we have.

Again, it’s too early in the development of Superman: Legacy to take any speculation as gospel aside from what’s already out there.

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