‘Hercules’ Actor Kevin Sorbo Says His Agent And Manager Were Unwilling To Work With Him Because Of His Political Leanings And Christian Religious Views

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Actor Kevin Sorbo, perhaps best known for his role in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys as the titular demigod, says that Hollywood cancelled him because of his political leanings as well as his religious beliefs.

Kevin Sorbo as Hercules in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Season 1 Episode 5 “Ares” (1995), Renaissance Pictures

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Whilst promoting his upcoming film, Miracle in East Texas, Sorbo and his wife Sam spoke to Fox News Digital, wherein the openly conservative actor opened up about the struggles he faced for expressing his political views.

“It was sad to me, you know, my manager and agent for so many years said that we can’t get you jobs anymore, work with you because of you being a Christian, being a conservative,” the Hercules actor lamented.

He further recalled, “And I almost had to laugh at that because it’s an industry that screams for tolerance, and yet it’s a one-way street. It screams for freedom of speech. But Hollywood’s a one-way street as well.”

Stories of Us: Kevin Sorbo via PragerU, YouTube

“And that’s just too bad, you know. But I love the industry. I love the movies and TV,” Sorbo went on to admit. “It was really weird. I mean, here’s the thing. We have such a huge divide in our country right now, and it’s perpetuated by the mainstream media, perpetuated by movies, TV.”

The actor confessed, “I don’t harbor that kind of anger and hatred towards people. I have a different point of view.”

Kevin Sorbo at the 2020 Student Action Summit hosted by Turning Point USA at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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As the interview went on, Sorbo recalled a near-death experience he had in 1997 — caused by an undetected aneurysm that made him suffer a series of strokes. The actor learned from this experience, explaining that he found strength in God.

“It happened in season 5 on Hercules,” the actor said. “I had [an] aneurysm. That was way up here right next to the neck. And, unfortunately, when it opened up, it sent a few clots to the brain and I suffered a series of strokes. And it took me three years to fully recover from it.”

Kevin Sorbo as Hercules and Lucy Lawless as Xena in Hercules: The Legendary Jorunerys Season 1 Episode 12 “The Gauntlet” (1995), Renaissance Pictures

Sorbo recounted, “It took me longer than four months to really learn how to walk and balance again properly. I mean, it was a tough road. But, you know, I thank my faith in God, I thank this tough woman here [gesturing to Sam] that every time I got down on myself, she said, ‘Kevin, it happened, what are you going to do about it?'”

“But, you know, it put me on a road that I never thought I’d be on, which is the talk circuit,” the actor declared. “And I do probably about 12 to 15 speaking events a year and covering everything from pro-life to Christian education to medical to whatever it may be.”

Kevin Sorbo speaking at the 2015 Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.
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“Even Hollywood, motivational … I mean, people want me to talk about the culture war between what Hollywood’s doing and the kind of movies I’m doing because, obviously, we’re doing quite different movies,” Sorbo explained, adding, “I don’t think I’m doing something that different. I’m doing the movies Hollywood used to do.”

Given his stances on politics and religion, Sorbo is very familiar with cancel culture. In February of 2021, the Hercules actor took to social media to denounce Facebook for deleting his week-old account.

The battle for America’s culture | Kevin Sorbo LIVE at the Atlanta Freedom Conference via Young America’s Foundation, YouTube

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“FACEBOOK DID IT AGAIN! I created my new page about a week ago, and with roughly 5 total posts, it has been deleted,” the actor claimed.

Showing the receipt, Sorbo added, “No politics, just a few funny posts my kids sent me. Censorship at its finest, spread the word!”

Archive Link Kevin Sorbo denounces Facebook for banning his account via Twitter

Sorbo elaborated on Facebook’s censoring during an interview with Fox Business, wherein the conservative actor revealed that the social media platform had been “shadowbanning” him for a while prior to the suspension.

“They’ve been shadowbanning me for a good year now,” the actor declared. “I have over 500,000 followers and they only allowed me to see up to 10,000 at the time when I post now.”

He elaborated, “And every time they’ve come back to me and say, ‘Look, we’ve got to get rid of this because we think ‘this is their version of fake news'” [and] I take it down — though I could argue with that but, you know, I don’t want to lose my page.”

“But this time around they just took me down,” he went on. “There was no warnings or anything like that. I’ve been more than happy to take down whatever offensive post that Facebook deemed that I should not be posting, so I question their statement that they gave me some warning.”

Malcolm Beck (Neal McDonough) promises to take everything away from John Dutton in Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 8 “Behind Us Only Grey” (2019) via Paramount Network

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Sorbo is not the only Hollywood actor who has been cancelled by Hollywood for staying true to his Christian beliefs.

In January of 2020, Captain America: The First Avenger and Yellowstone actor Neil McDonough revealed that his refusal to perform candid scenes led to Hollywood blacklisting him in 2010.

Gordon ‘Fletch’ Fletcher (Neal McDonough) attempts to persuade Precrime Chief John Anderton (Tom Cruise) not to resist the arrest in Minority Report (2002), 20th Century Fox

“I won’t mention the Lord’s name in vain, and then I won’t kiss another woman,” McDonough said during an interview with Fox News.

“Sex scenes aren’t in it for me. And I think, gosh, there’s enough sex scenes out there and me being in my fifties I’m not sure if anyone wants to see me doing that stuff anyway, but it’s a comfort level. I’m not very comfortable doing that.”

Being ostracised by Hollywood led McDonough to launch his own faith-based film company, The McDonough Company, which secured the rights to Brass & Unity — the memoir of former artillery gunner Kelsi Sheren — earlier this year.

General James Harding (Neal McDonough) questions the testimony of Doctor J. Allen Hynek (Aidan Gillen) in Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 10 “The Washington Merry-Go-Round” via History Channel

What do you make of Sorbo’s revelation that both his politics and Christian faith led to him being blackballed?

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