Jay-Z is NEVER beating the illuminati allegations, especially after teaming up with The Harder They Fall director Jeymes Samuel for a project that is every bit as racially divisive as it is blasphemous.

LaKeith Stanfield and David Oyelowo in The Book of Clarence (2024), Sony Pictures Entertainment

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A film that would have been called racist if it was written by a white guy, presents the character of Clarence as a drug dealer who uses the popularity of Jesus Christ in what seems to be a desperate, dubious attempt to make some easy money.

The film reimagines Jerusalem as a majority black population, a belief held by many in the black Hebrew Israelites who think themselves to be the true descendants of a lost tribe of Israel and charge white people with censoring history to deny their Jewish heritage.

In an interview with Ebony, Samuel emphasized how important portraying ancient Israel as black is to the narrative of the film, declaring, “As much as we love these films, there are no Black people in there.”

“What happens when we, people of color and powerful women, occupy and inhabit a space? I knew I had to put our spin on it and inject our flavor into it,” he elaborated.

Rapper Jay-Z would double down on Samuel’s claims and further push the narrative the black people were in fact the center of Biblical Jerusalem, noting that the director is “fearless and a genius.”

LaKeith Stanfield in The Book of Clarence (2024), Sony Pictures Entertainment

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“He’s not afraid to think big about things that put us as a people in places where we were erased,” the rapper went on. “We didn’t exist in Western times? We all know that’s false. And we didn’t exist in biblical times? History would say otherwise.”

Among Jewish advocacy groups, Black Hebrew Israelites are labeled as an extreme hate group that targets white people and white Jews as thieves who stole the true identity of Israel and other nations. Racial hatred isn’t the only concept driving this project, though.

LaKeith Stanfield in The Book of Clarence (2024), Sony Pictures Entertainment

In the film, Clarence becomes a counterfeit of Jesus Christ and begins to imitate Christ’s preaching, fake his miracles, and even go as far as to claim “I am your new Messiah” to his growing number of followers.

The character mockingly declares that knowledge is stronger than belief; an anti-biblical declaration against the good news of the Bible, which states in John 3:16 (KJV), “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

LaKeith Stanfield and David Oyelowo in The Book of Clarence (2024), Sony Pictures Entertainment

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The film will also portray John the Baptist and Mary Magdalene in likely race swapped roles. At one point, David Oyelowo’s character, who is believed to be John The Baptist, viciously slaps Clarence and calls him a “blasphemous swine.”

Despite numerous aspects of the story being blatant mockery of what the Bible teaches, Jay-Z wants people to know right away that, despite it’s biblical undertones, this is not a faith-based movie.

LaKeith Stanfield in The Book of Clarence (2024), Sony Pictures Entertainment

“This story is about a young man who finds his faith through love and through wanting to become somebody in the world, which is the story of everybody,” the rapper told Vanity Fair.

He further explained, “Everyone wants to find love and everyone wants to leave this place having accomplished something, having left their mark that they’ve been here and hopefully affected the world in a positive way.”

LaKeith Stanfield and RJ Cyler in The Book of Clarence (2024), Sony Pictures Entertainment

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A character who wishes to be just like God among man is the exact same motivation that Lucifer (aka Satan) held in the rebellion against God in Heaven. Isaiah 14:12-15 (KJV) shows how Satan wanted to sit on the throne of God the father but after a failed rebellion depicted in Revelation 12:4 (KJV), he was thrown out of Heaven and cast down to Hell with his fallowers.

The Book of HOV via Roc Nation, YouTube

Jay-Z — who has been the subject of theories claiming that the rapper is a member of a secret society of elites, founded by religious leader Clarence Edward Smith, who view themselves as Gods — recently opened The Book of HOV exhibit in Brooklyn, New York as a celebration of his life.

The exhibition includes the rapper’s very own book of “Psalms,” which is 30 years of Jay-Z lyrics written and displayed as if they are biblical scripture from God himself.

The Book of HOV via Roc Nation, YouTube

The obsession with portraying ancient Jews and Egyptians as black has lead to a number of controversies in the last couple of years and has gotten so bad that the country of Egypt had to publicly rebuke Hollywood for it’s incorrect portrayal of the nation.

In a fairly lengthy statement published to their official Facebook page, Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Archaeology explained back on April 27th that the appearance of the heroine in this body is a falsification of Egyptian history and a blatant historical misconception.

“Especially because the film is classified as a documentary and not a drama, a classification which requires the owners of the industry to investigate accuracy and refer to historical and scientific facts in order to ensure that the history and civilizations of peoples is not falsified,” they added.

Cleopatra (Adele James) in Queen Cleopatra (2023), Netflix

As Hollywood is known for being the birthplace of cultural immortality, it would be foolish to believe that they have good intentions with their upcoming film about the times of Jesus Christ.

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