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Source: Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)
April 1, 2021
Godzilla vs. Kong is a film that belongs to the latter legend and is a treat for everyone who’s waited, but it’s not without its issues.
January 24, 2021
HBO Max, Legendary, and Warner Bros. are reportedly developing a MonsterVerse spinoff series centered on the Titan experts at Monarch.
January 16, 2021
HBO Max issued a new sizzle reel for all its 2021 Warner Bros. releases and kicking it off is a new clip from Godzilla vs. Kong.
November 7, 2020
It turns out there is a deeper meaning behind Godzilla and his underground refuge in the Legendary MonsterVerse we all missed.
Godzilla Blue Beam - KOTM poster
September 29, 2020
Godzilla and the MonsterVerse could continue in the form of a series on HBO Max but there is a facet of the idea we must consider.
Godzilla 2014
September 24, 2020
Godzilla looks unrecognizable in some MonsterVerse designs drawn up by Gareth Edwards and his team while one gets it right.
September 4, 2020
Mothra makes it easier to believe King Caesar has a future in Legendary Pictures’ MonsterVerse opposite Godzilla.
August 5, 2020
Rodan and King Ghidorah, two legendary flying kaiju, almost took an astounding divergence with Michael Dougherty at the MonsterVerse helm.
July 20, 2020
A new plot synopsis and a better-looking banner from Playmates inspired by Godzilla vs Kong teases more about a fight we won’t see for another year.
Godzilla v Kong-standoff
June 9, 2020
New summaries say the epic showdown in Godzilla vs. Kong is for all the marbles and is spurred by activity bringing monsters to Skull Island.