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June 13, 2022
Jurassic World Dominion might be a step up from its predecessor, but it’s clear that the franchise as a whole is primed for extinction.
May 23, 2022
Jurassic World Dominion stars Sam Neill and Laura Dern have questioned the age gap between their characters in the original Jurassic Park.
October 14, 2020
Two of your favorite characters from the original trilogy are hooking up in the delayed sequel, Jurassic World: Dominion.
Dinosaurs eat Man
October 7, 2020
Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum may be one and done with Jurassic World: Dominion but they are back for more than fan service.
September 1, 2020
Jeff Goldblum finally comments on returning for Jurassic World: Dominion and makes some exciting revelations.
August 7, 2020
Jurassic World: Dominion actors, the returning stars Sam Neill and Laura Dern, posted behind the scenes photos to social media.
July 31, 2020
Without giving anything away, Sam Neill (Alan Grant) promised one thing will come from Jurassic World: Dominion — screaming, lots of it.