Tor Books Blogger Sarah Gailey Calls For Violence and Murder After Reporter Andy Ngo Attacked by Antifa

Tor Books blogger and the author of Magic for Liars and the American Hippo Sarah Gailey called for violence and murder following the attack on reporter Andy Ngo by members of Antifa.

Gailey in a number of now-deleted tweets called for not only violence against those opposing Antifa, but also called for murder.

On June 30th, Gailey tweeted, “If we can’t throw milkshakes I guess we’ll just have to go back to bricks.”  One of the weapons used in the attack against Ngo was a milkshake. Portland police reported they had been informed that wet cement mix had been mixed in with milkshakes that were being used as weapons by Antifa. (Archive link:

Gailey would then follow-up her call to use bricks as weapons instead of milkshakes by calling for the murder of those who oppose her.

She specifically states:

“This whole milkshake thing reminds me of that tumblr post about how anti-union people seem to have forgotten the previous alternative to unions, which is that workers drag the factory owner out of his house in the night and beat him to death in front of his family.”

Gailey would then insinuate that attacking Ngo and sending him to the hospital with a “brain bleed” was “being gentle as hell.” She would justify her calls for violence and murder by claiming that her opponents (not named) are advocating for “literal genocide.”

When one user asked her to promote her ideas through “informing people and peacefully protesting,” Gailey simply responded, “nah.”

Following Gailey’s now-deleted tweets, she would flood her Twitter with a bunch of pictures of animals.

Questions about Twitter’s verification of Gailey and why her account has not been banned due to the call for violence have already been asked by prominent conservative writer Matt Walsh.

As of this writing, Gailey is still verified by Twitter and her account remains active.

Gailey is not the only one to make such calls for violence.

What do you make of Sarah Gailey’s comments?

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