Actor Ray Porter Confirms Darkseid Role – Here’s What We Can Expect From The Character

**Update: This article has been updated to reflect that the Darkseid gif came from the Injustice 2 video game from NetherRealm Studios and that actor Ray Porter confirmed his portrayal of Darkseid in Snyder’s Justice League. The headline has also been updated.**

AT&T’s official Twitter account dropped a Darkseid gif from Injustice 2 to celebrate fan excitement about the upcoming Zack Snyder Director’s Cut of Justice League.

Take a look.

More recently, actor Ray Porter confirmed that he plays Darkseid in Snyder’s Justice League.

What Darkseid Will Look Like

In November, director Zack Snyder shared in-universe artwork of Darkseid and captioned the photo, “A bell can’t be unrung.”

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As you can see, Darkseid is holding a spear. Reports at the time indicated the weapon is the Spear of Destiny, it has the ability to control other people.

Snyder would eventually share a first look at Darkseid from actual Justice League footage back in June 2019 on Vero.

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He captioned the photo writing, “Speaking of Father’s Day here’s the king daddy #UxasandtheAntilife”

If the image looks familiar it is similar to the theatrical version of Justice League. However, instead of Darkseid the film used Steppenwolf.

You can see that scene where Wonder Woman provides a history lesson to Batman at around the 1:06 mark in the clip below.

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Snyder would share a piece of concept art that gives us a better look at Darkseid a month later.

What Darkseid’s Role in The Film Will Be

Snyder has teased Darkseid’s role in his vision for Justice League. Back in 2018 he shared a storyboard that shows Darkseid presiding over a ruined Hall of Justice.

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As for Snyder’s plans for Darkseid he elaborated in a Q&A back in March 2019 detailing that Darkseid takes control of Superman through the Anti-Life Equation.

Snyder explained, “The truth is that the ‘Knightmare Sequence’ in this movie, it was my idea that all of that would eventually be explained – is that a surprise?”

He continued, “And that we would end up in the distant future where Darkseid has taken over Earth, and where Superman has succumbed to the Anti-Life [Equation].”

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“And there were a few members of the Justice League that survived to that world, and that they were fighting, Batman and a broken half of Cyborg – there’s only half of him because of whatever happened – they were working on an equation to jump back to tell Bruce… those were the things that we were dealing with,” Snyder stated.

Actor Nick McKinless, who portrayed Ares in Justice League, also confirmed that he trained for 4 months for a fight sequence with Darkseid.

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McKinless wrote, “I played Ares in Justice League (not the previous actor). I was NOT credited for my work. We shot a whole fight sequence with Darkseid. I trained for 4 months to get in that shape. Zack was amazing to work with.”

McKinless’s comments came in response to an Instagram post from DC Last Stand reporting on the battle between Darkseid and Ares.

What do you make of this look at Darkseid? Are you excited for Zack Snyder’s Director’s Cut of Justice League?

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