We have a good inkling the much anticipated and bespoke about new next-gen Batman game coming from Warner Bros. Games Montreal will be available for PlayStation 5.

An image made the rounds on Imgur and Reddit of a still from a possible trailer that leaked ahead of the PS5 Reveal Event which was scheduled for yesterday.

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The image sports the words “CAPTURE THE KNIGHT” surmounted by a silver metallic Batman Beyond logo. Check it out directly below:

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Using Capture the Knight indicates what we’ve heard, that the phrase is either the title or the tagline. The former is the more prevalent belief. Also indicative is there may be a Batman Beyond influence on the game’s story; Terry McGinnis could even be a playable character.

Just as noteworthy is only the PS5 and PS4 logos are featured, meaning the game might be for both systems. Sony has marketed other games in the Batman Arkham series, including Arkham Knight, and they quite possibly have marketing rights to the tentatively titled “Capture the Knight.”

For our purposes here, that’s what we’ll continue to refer to the game as (and in quotes).

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PlayStation Universe points out the logo of Blur Studios is visible as well. Creator of “cinematics,” they were behind the cinematic fight scene between Deathstroke and Batman made for Arkham Origins.

PSU deduces the above image is authentic, saying “the image is captured off-screen and looks like it is being watched by someone in a video player, which lends to its credibility as it couldn’t have been as easily photoshopped.”

Adding signs point to authenticity and that this is the most convincing leak so far, they caution “don’t take this as verbatim.” It doesn’t mean the image is real. However, several outlets report “Capture the Knight” will be showcased this summer and be released soon.

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WB Montreal and people who can neither confirm nor deny they are involved in a new next-gen Batman game have made “redacted” comments and teased logos suggesting factions from the Court of Owls to the League of Shadows since Batman Day last year.

Scoops continually claim in the last several months the game will “be bigger than ever” and a reboot that opens the door to a whole new DC gaming universe.

This game reportedly picks up where the nixed Damian Wayne project left off. Clarity is hard to come by especially from the developer itself. WB Montreal’s last update left a lot to be desired, to say the least.

Their Twitter account thanked fans for their enthusiasm in May and then announced they would pivot into talking more about who the studio is and why those there “love making games.”

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Saying or revealing very little, the tweet is definitely a nonstarter for gamers wanting the juicy details. A true announcement was expected at E3 but that was canceled this year.

Games unveiled at the PS5 Reveal included new Grand Theft Auto, NBA2K, Resident Evil, and Hitman entries. Any further word on “Capture the Knight” may take a while longer.

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