Rumor: Dave Filoni To Helm A Multitude Of New Star Wars Disney Plus Shows

A new rumor details that Dave Filoni will helm a multitude of new Star Wars Disney Plus shows.

The rumor comes from LRM Online who explains this series of Disney Plus shows are inspired by Game of Thrones.

LRM Online explains, “Instead of making one epic Game of Thrones show, it’d be like if each family had their own show with a central storyline that spills over into the others.”

They go on to detail that Filoni will be helming these new shows that includes future seasons of The Mandalorian, the rumored Ahsoka Tano show, the rumored Boba Fett show, a rumored Ezra Bridger and Grand Admiral Thrawn show, and then a show based on a new character.

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The rumor also indicates that the Obi-Wan Kenobi series will not be connected to the other shows. They also believe that the Cassian Andor series will not be connected either.

Maybe the most interesting part of this rumor is that they indicate that Lucasfilm wants to pump out at least a show every quarter.

Ahsoka Tano

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It’s interesting because former Disney CEO Bob Iger recently detailed that he believed one of the major problems with the Star Wars franchise was the fact that they were releasing a film every year. He stated in 2018, “I made the timing decision, and as I look back, I think the mistake that I made — I take the blame — was a little too much, too fast. You can expect some slowdown, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to make films.”

This rumor comes after former Disney CEO Bob Iger detailed that their plans for the future of Star Wars in the short-term would be on television with the implication that it would be on Disney Plus and would spin out of The Mandalorian.

The Mandalorian (2)

In February during their investor call, Iger stated, “The priority in the next few years is television with The Mandalorian Season 2 coming in October and then more coming from The Mandalorian thereafter, including the possibility of infusing it with more characters and the possibility of taking those characters in their own direction in terms of series.”

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He added, “So the priority for Star Wars in the short-term is going to be, I’ll call it television for Disney+ and then we will have more to say about development of theatrical soon after that.”

As for these specific shows that are rumored to be part of this Dave Filoni vision, many of them have been previously rumored.

Ahsoka Tano

The Ahsoka Tano series was rumored back in March following rumors that Rosario Dawson would be playing a live-action Ahsoka Tano in The Mandalorian.

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The rumor came from The Hollywood Reporter who stated, “Rosario Dawson is joining The Mandalorian as Jedi Ahsoka Tano. Slash Film’s Peter Sciretta has the scoop. But here’s the big question: Could this be a backdoor pilot for an Ahsoka series? There are rumors …”

Boba Fett

Back in May rumors surfaced about a Boba Fett project.

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The rumor came from Andy Signore at FandomWire, who stated, “We can exclusively confirm that even more Boba Fett is in the works.”

He added, “It’s important to stress, that “In-Development” means teams connected to Lucasfilm are prepping and writing the following projects. It does not guarantee they will all make it to air.”

Ezra Bridger and Thrawn

An animated series focused on Ezra Bridger and Thrawn has been rumored since January.

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Details about the series indicate that Thrawn and Ezra would find themselves in the Unknown Regions in the middle of a war between the Chiss Ascendancy and the Grysk.

What do you make of this new rumor? Do you believe it?

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