The Sketchy Artist21 recently shared their pinup of My Hero Academia’s Mirko with One For All.

Mirko or Rumi Usagiyama, the Rabbit Hero, first appeared in Chapter 184 of the My Hero Academia manga by Kohei Horikoshi and episode 82 of the anime.

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She’s the number 5 Hero in all of Japan, and interestingly enough, unlike most heroes she likes to do things herself and considers those who work in teams as weaklings.

Her quirk is called Rabbit and it allows her to anything a rabbit can, but even better. This means she has an extremely powerful strength in her legs that allows her to leap great distances and use them as weapons to destroy her enemies.

She also has enhanced hearing from her rabbit ears that can help her locate enemies.

Mirko also has a number of Super Moves. They include Luna Ring, Luna Fall, and Luna Tijeras.

All three of the Super Moves take advantage of Mirko’s powerful legs. With Luna Ring she spins her body extremely fast in a circle and extends her legs able to land numerous, vicious foes on any enemy in range.

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Luna Fall sees her jump sky high and then land a devastating blow to her unsuspecting enemies.

Finally, Luna Tijeras sees her put her opponent in a vice grip with her legs around their neck. With her legs tightly wrapped upon a villain’s neck she positions her body on their back. To finish the move, she uses the strength in her legs to decapitate her opponents.

As for Mirko’s appearance, she has red eyes and long eyelashes with long white hair that reaches below her butt. Her ears are long white rabbit ears that extend upwards above her head. Both ears have a slight crook in them. She also has a white rabbit tail on her posterior.

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Her costume is a white sleeveless leotard with dark purple trim and a yellow crescent moon emblazoned on the front. Covering her legs are a pair of thigh high dark purple boots to match the trim of her leotard. She also wears a pair of a white gloves.

Sketchy Artist21 took Mirko and imagined her with One For All flowing through her veins.

They wrote, “🐇Miruko with One For All!🐇” Then added, “🌙”Random idea i came up with and put on paper”🌙

Not only did Sketchy Artist21 share the completed pinup, but they also showed off their process. Take a look.

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Sketchy Artist21 is no stranger to drawing pinups of Mirko. Earlier this month they shared a pinup depicting Mirko as a Barbarian Princess.

In July Sketchy Artist mashed up Mirko with Demon Slayer describing her as Demon Slay Miruko and explained she would have “Rabbit Breathing.”

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Sketchy Artist21 has also shared drawings of other My Hero Academia characters including Nejire Hado.

They also shared one of Ochaco Uraraka.

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Momo Yaoyorozu also gets a fantasy version similar to Mirko’s.

What do you make of Sketchy Artist21’s Mirko with One for All pinup? Which My Hero Academia drawing is your favorite?

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