The kaiju battle of the century is set to extend well beyond the silver screen, as Legendary Comics has begun promotion of its line of Godzilla vs. Kong tie-in books and graphic novels.

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Releasing over the course of the next few months, Legendary Comics’ upcoming offerings include a children’s book, a baby’s board book, two prequel comics, a behind-the-scenes art book, and novelization of the film.

“As with previous installments in the Monsterverse franchise, Legendary Comics is excited to expand the story universe by paving the way for the cinematic clash with two prequel graphic novels that will tell separate tales of our favorite Titans,” said Senior Vice President of Legendary Comics Robert Napton in a statement. 

“We are also expanding our publishing offerings with our first-ever children’s book and board book, and are thrilled to be working again with Insight Editions and Titan Books on an art book and novelization that will offer exclusive content, taking readers deeper into the world of Godzilla and Kong,” continued Napton.

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The “charming and enthralling children’s book”, titled Kong & Me, is written by New York Times bestselling author Kiki Thorpe (The Never Girl early chapter book series) and illustrated by Nidhi Chanani (Pashmina; I will be fierce).

According to the synopsis, the book will follow Kong as he goes on a trek to explore the wonders of Skull Island with a new pal, learning along the way that “friendships come in many sizes and no matter how different we are, no one is too big or small to find a true friend.” On sale March 30th, the book is currently available for pre-order.


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The board book, which we introduced last year, is Godzilla vs. Kong: Sometimes Friends Fight (But They Always Make Up). Published by Insight Editions and featuring art from Carol Herring, this tome for young audiences will introduce readers to the two Titans through “heartwarming lessons” about friendship. The book is currently available to pre-order ahead of its April 6th release.

Surprisingly, this particular children’s book provided audiences with their first hint that the monsters would team up after trading blows on the big screen.

Preview images from Godzilla vs. Kong: Sometimes Friends Fight (But They Always Make Up), courtesy of the book’s Amazon listing, can be seen below.

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Greg Keyes will also write the film’s novelization, which boasts of “taking readers deeper into the worlds of Monarch, the Titans, and so much more” while also promising “all-out war.” Godzilla vs. Kong: The Official Movie Novelization, available for pre-order, is out April 6.



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The prequel comics are Godzilla Dominion and Kingdom Kong, which our readers should be very familiar with by now given our past coverage of the two titles

Written by Greg Keyes and drawn by Drew Edward Johnson, Godzilla Dominion deals with the growing pains experienced by Gojira at the start off freshly-won reign as King of the Monsters. Told from his perspective, the graphic novel sheds light on “his habitats, ancient rivalries, encounters with new Titans, and other challenges.”

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Conversely, Kingdom Kong tells the tale of the Eighth Wonder’s tussle with the bat Titan Camazotz and the inner struggle of Audrey, a military pilot sent on a mission into the Hollow Earth. Penned by Marie Anello and drawn by ZID, Kingdom Kong releases alongside Godzilla Dominion on March 30th.

As expected, both comics can currently be pre-ordered from various retailers, including local comic book stores.

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Aditionally, the MonsterVerse canon’s previously illustrated installments, Skull Island: The Birth of Kong (2017) and Godzilla: Aftershock (2019) – which are prequels to Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla: King of the Monsters, respectively, –  are being compiled into an anthology book called Monsterverse Titanthology, Vol. 1.

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For those in the dark, Birth of Kong depicted the early years of Kong on Skull Island and the extinction of his species, whereas Aftershock showcased a match between Godzilla and the dreaded apex predator, MUTO Prime. The Titanthology will be available May 11th.

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Finally, if Godzilla vs. Kong’s hype has you dying to know the goings-on behind the scenes, look no further than One Will Fall, The Art of the Ultimate Battle Royale from Insight Editions. Written by Daniel Wallace with a special foreword by director Adam Wingard, the collection of “exclusive concept art, pre-production materials, on-set photography, and insight from the filmmakers” takes a look at the painstaking process that brought the film to life.

An “ultimate guide to an iconic movie showdown,” this must-have for kaiju fans can be in their possession as of May 21st. Pre-order yours here and check out the cover, courtesy of Kaiju News Outlet, below.


Be sure to catch Godzilla vs. Kong when the two finally come to blows on March 31st both on HBO Max and in theaters.

Do any of these books pique your interest? Let us know your thoughts on social media or in the comments down below!

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