While, to be fair, you can’t expect them all to be gems, many of The CW’s offerings, especially those of varying quality set in the Arrowverse, tend to occasionally suffer from their low, television-level budgets.

Source: The Flash, The CW

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A standard-bearer of the network’s DC line-up since 2014, The Flash is no exception, but as the show has picked up the slack for Arrow and approaches its eighth season, it looks way cheesier than ever – and social media is taking notice.

It all started when a Twitter user shared a now-viral clip taken from the Season 7 episode ‘Enemy At the Gates’ in an effort to argue that the DC’s television production value doesn’t measure up to Marvel’s streaming output.

Source: The Flash, The CW

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In the clip, which makes a very compelling case for the user’s conclusion, the Godspeed army stages an assault on people of Central City commuting across a bridge, only to be soon intercepted by the Flash family.

What ensues is a battle which pales in comparison to anything you might see on an episode of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers or even VR Troopers:


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From the thousands of likes and quote tweets the clip is receiving, you can tell the Twitterverse got a kick out of roasting this bit of Flash’s seventh season, whose cheesiness they heavily compared to the American adaptation of Super Sentai.

“I’m sure everyone thought this was Power [Rangers] at first,” wrote @nnadiugo.

Giving a more sardonically quizzical response, @heynight asked, “It’s not power rangers?? Lmaooooo wow.”

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Although he didn’t clarify which season of MMPR’s long and historic tenure he was referring to, @JeffKwakuM stated the obvious: “This is looking like some power rangers episode [what’s going on?]”

@Shivur_me_timbr facetiously compared The Flash to another shows perceived as a disaster: Amazon Prime’s The Wheel of Time.

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The drop-off in quality is so bad that there are those who would gladly choose to watch Power Rangers instead of what they just saw, such as @Shawnifee, who asserted, “The Flash has to be one of the worst TV shows in history! I would legit pick Power Rangers over this shit.”

DC fans are upset too and haven’t been shy about admitting they gave up on The Flash because of scenes like this one, such as @vibeZaddyy, who said of the show’s declining quality, “From Flash to Power Rangers, glad I stopped early.”

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“I’m a big DC fan..but I’m ashamed,” lamented @afolabi_sotayo. “The only thing this is missing is the power ranger’s introduction before a fight.”

“I used to watch The Flash then it just got too repetitive and boring, and now seeing this, it just looks silly,” observed @DJ_DNA.

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Ultimately, it seems as if this silliness has cost The Flash and The CW viewership, as almost all of their Arrowverse programming is pulling in lower numbers than ever save one: Superman & Lois, as Big Blue’s latest television outing is still standing tall with its tone, writing, and sound production value.

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