Woke actor Seth Rogen recently revealed that he believes people have simply stopped caring about both the Oscars and, in general, awards that Hollywood celebrities “shower upon themselves.”

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In an interview with Insider’s Jason Guerrasio given alongside Ant-Man star Paul Rudd, the actor was initially asked who should be hosting the Academy Awards next year.”That’s a tough one. You know, whoever really wants to. I’m sure there are comedians out there that want to, right?” said Rogen.

“I don’t get why people care so much if other people care what awards we give ourselves,” said Rogen when asked if hosting the event was still worth it.

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“To me, maybe people just don’t care,” The Santa Inc. star opined. “I don’t care who wins the automobile awards. No other industry expects everyone to care about what awards they shower upon themselves.”

Rogen further asserted, “Maybe people just don’t care. Maybe they did for a while and they stopped caring,” before ultimately asking, “And why should they?”

Source: Oscars, YouTube

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In April of 2021, Disney’s ABC Network saw a massive decline in the ratings for the 93rd annual Academy Awards, with viewership plummeting to an all-time low of 9.85 million viewers.

According to a report by Deadline, the event saw a 58% decline in total viewership from the 2020 Academy Awards show.

Further. viewership among the 18-49 demographic in particular declined by a staggering 64%, with the ceremony pulling in an even more disappointing 1.9 million.

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Arguably one of the many reasons people have begun to lose interest in Hollywood award ceremonies such as the Oscars, Golden Globes, and the Grammys is because, as of late, they’ve been used as little more than platforms for woke elitists to lecture viewers and promote their own political agendas.

Leonardo DiCaprio, for instance, took some time during his acceptance speech for Best Actor at the 2016 Oscars to lecture the audience about global warming, claiming that The Revenant’s production team had to “move to the southern tip of this planet just to be able to find snow” to begin filming the movie that netted him the award.

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Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel was the host of the Academy Awards ceremony in 2017, and in his opening monologue, the insufferably woke comedian took several jabs at former president Donald Trump.

“This broadcast is being watched live by millions of Americans and around the world in more than 225 countries that now hate us,” opened Kimmel, referencing the fact that the show was taking place just a month after Trump took office.

Later on the he joked, “Some of you will get to come up here on this stage tonight, and give a speech that the President of the United States will tweet about, in all caps during his 5 am bowel movement tomorrow.”

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Conversely, comedian Ricky Gervais used the opportunity to host 2020 Golden Globes ceremony to do quite the opposite, instead calling out the political sanctimony of Hollywood celebrities and tech companies.

Speaking about his stint as host two years later, Gervais told The Sun, “You have to make a decision as a comedian. Do you pander to the 200 most privileged people in the world in the room or the 200 million watching at home?”

“People are sick of virtue signalling,” he recalled. “They think: Why are you lecturing me? You’re going to an awards ceremony in a limo? And you’re telling me to recycle?” 

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Similarly, actress Goldie Hawn recently expressed her belief that Hollywood celebrities should stop lecturing audiences and focus instead on entertaining.

“If you are someone in the industry and you want to go into politics or you want to talk about these things — you know, I stay in my lane,” the actress explained during a recent appearance on The Megyn Kelly Show. “But the reality is, is it if we want to do anything, we want to do it for all people. Not just for a group or whatever.”

She continued, “What makes polarity even more is creating teams on either side of the aisle. And I don’t think that’s what we do. I think we entertain. I think we bring awareness to people just of their ability to laugh, to have joy, to experience it, to cry.”

“We are emotional beings and create emotion and in others and it’s an escape. I think we’re in service,” Hawn concluded.

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