DC Scooper Grace Randolph Calls Superman Actor Henry Cavill’s Post-’Black Adam’ Instagram Video “Hype,” Says ‘The Flash’ Is His Only Upcoming Film

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After Black Adam hit theaters and his cameo became known to the world, at least for the record, Henry Cavill posted an Instagram video saying he is back as the Man of Steel, for real this time, and that there is more to come.

Source: Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021), HBO Max

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He then thanked the fans for their support and promised their patience will be rewarded. In light of this, there are reports that say the first solo Superman movie in a decade, Man of Steel 2, is finally in development, and additionally that Cavill is signed on for five more movies.

That’s good news for DCU fans who wanted the actor to have a crack at playing Supes in a way that was closer to the character’s roots and not drab or pessimistic.


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However, not everyone is sold on the idea Cavill really is locked down with a new deal. Noted tea spiller Grace Randolph, who has reported until now he was gone for good and is being replaced, is still skeptical.

Her industry sources must be telling her a different story because, in sharing Cavill’s Instagram post on her Twitter, Randolph declared the message is “just hype.”

“Ah Nevermind – it’s just hype,” she tweeted, “But still very nice of Henry Cavill to do for his fans.”

Grace Randolph Twitter

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Confused, user @gibwel98 asked for clarification, replying, “Didn’t he just announce he is back and there are more things to come? I don’t understand. Are you saying he is just referring to the cameo?”

Randolph responded, “Yeah flash – he has no contract for anything else.”

Grace Randolph Twitter

Intel given to another YouTube leaker, Syl Abdul, leads us to believe that Henry Cavill will be in The Flash to make a big splash in the third act.

Randolph confirms this to a fault but she clearly isn’t hearing the same things Abdul is as she is still running with the pieces left of the same scoop she has given her viewers all year.

Right before Black Adam’s release and the merger of Warner Bros. and Discovery was finalized, the plan was the DCEU would be rebooted again by Flash and further by Batgirl.

Source: Grace Randolph Twitter

Cavill’s Superman would allegedly be killed by Zod and replaced by the new Supergirl played by newcomer Sasha Calle who’d become the universe’s resident Kryptonian moving forward.

Ben Affleck would cameo too so that he can be phased out in favor of the returning Michael Keaton. He was to go on and mentor Batgirl and Black Canary in preparation for the burden of protecting Gotham and being members of the Justice League.

Source: Grace Randolph Twitter

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However, that was under the ex-regime when Walter Hamada was head of DC Films. As Black Adam himself, Dwayne Johnson, said, he and his colleagues aren’t there anymore.

Ousted now that David Zaslav is in control, James Gunn and Peter Safran will be running things at the new DC Studios, and The Flash is undergoing more reshoots while Batgirl was neutralized.

Source: Grace Randolph Twitter

That is to say, the delayed and troubled former picture is being rewritten, as Abdul frequently reports, and plans are shifting.

Cavill may only have one scheduled appearance left but that is where he stands presently. Maneuvers and negotiations, seen and unseen, continue behind the scenes as things change at a moment’s notice.

Source: Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021), Warner Bros. Pictures

What do you make of Randolph’s claim?

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