Ethan Van Sciver Announces He Will Seek Legal Recourse Against “Anti-Comicsgate”

Former DC Comics artist and Cyberfrog creator Ethan Van Sciver announced he will seek legal recourse against two “anti-Comicsgate, anti-EVS stalkers and harassers on twitter.”

Van Sciver notes he’s not just doing this for himself, but for ComicsGaters as well.

He also asks his followers to join him in his cause. He specifically wants his followers to “screenshot everything that appears to be harassment, all evidence.”

Van Sciver notes this legal action is being funded by “superchats and by watching my videos.” Van Sciver runs a popular YouTube channel, ComicArtistPro Seccrets. he has over 105,000 subscribers as of this writing. He does indicate that if he needs more money, “I’ll ask via GoFundMe.”

Van Sciver concludes the thread thanking his followers and stating, “Let’s end this abuse once and for all.”

He does note that he will provide more details in an upcoming livestream that is scheduled for today.

Van Sciver does not name the two individuals who he plans to take legal recourse against.

While it’s unclear who Van Sciver plans to take legal recourse against at this point, he has found himself a target on numerous occasions.

Comicosity editor Matt Santori insinuated Van Sciver was a Nazi.

Artist Robbi Rodriguez tweeted unsolicited graphic images of one of his body parts at Van Sciver.

Former Comic Crusaders freelance writer Dusty Good insinuated Van Sciver’s wildly successful Cyberfrog IndieGoGo campaign was being funded by the Ku Klux Klan.

Someone using the name Alicdes Castillo attempt to hijack Van Sciver’s Cyberfrog: BloodHoney IndieGoGo campaign with a fake KickStarter campaign.

A petition created by Shon B. labeled Ethan Van Sciver an “alt.right Nazi.”

BuzzFeed News targeted Van Sciver and Diversity & Comics insinuating they are part of an “online harassment campaign.”

Comic Book Resources and Polygon writer Kieran Shiach campaigned to get Ethan Van Sciver fired from DC Comics.

Van Sciver was also threatened with violence during a fan signing in Florida. 

What do you make of Ethan Van Sciver’s announcement to pursue legal recourse?

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