A new set of leaks from a supposed member of the WandaVision production team have given audiences their first details on the first two episodes of the upcoming Disney Plus series.

New Rumor Details Plot of WandaVision's First Two Episodes

These rumors were first published in May on 4chan’s /tv/ board and later reposted to the /r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers subreddit before finally being brought to the attention of Bounding Into Comics through coverage by YouTuber Everything Always:

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As always, these rumors are currently unconfirmed and readers are advised to take everything that follows with a grain of salt.

That being said, let’s break down these synopses.

New Rumor Details Plot of WandaVision's First Two Episodes

Episode 1

It appears that the first episode will begin with an exploration the ripple effect from both Thanos’ snap in Avengers: Infinity War and Iron Man’s snap in Avengers: Endgame had across the greater Marvel universe and a confirmation that these actions can never be taken in the MCU again.

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The leaker states, “The main story line is a Doctor who got snapped in Infinity War trying to enter a multi-verse reality to be with his dead wife and daughter. Basically, the same thing as Devs. First scene is Hulk and Pym giving a talking at a university. Niel Degrasse Tyson cameo. They’re talking about the plot of Endgame and time travel opening up multiverses.”

They continue, “They take questions and someone asks what’s to stop them from doing it again and Pym says he destroyed his old particles and formula and Hulk destroyed the machines and blueprints so nobody could recreate what they did. The scene focuses on the main “antagonist” of the show (Dr. Smith) and he walks out after the explain they destroyed everything.”

New Rumor Details Plot of WandaVision's First Two Episodes

The episode then turns to Wanda, who now resides in France as she learns to come to terms with the death of Vision, as seen in Avengers: Infinity War.

The alleged leaker explains, “Wanda is in France living off the grid. She has a different hair style, glasses, and wears ugly clothes to try to blend in. [Wanda] works at a farm taking phone call orders in another language. She lives in a loft in a suburban place and one night she’s drinking and its implied she hasn’t used her powers since Endgame.”

They then detail that, “[Wanda] uses her powers to create an image of Vision next to her and he says some lines from Civil war and infinity war like “I only feel you” and its supposed to be her memory of him. But then he says “find me” and Wanda freaks out and ends the image. She goes to bed crying.”

New Rumor Details Plot of WandaVision's First Two Episodes

This may be the time for Wanda’s character to truly shine, as though the last two Avengers movies could only slightly touch on her development, the series will dive into the emptiness felt by Wanda and the deeper implications Vision’s death has had on her character.

In Hot Pursuit

Due to being one of the most powerful assets in Earth’s super powered arsenal, Wanda finds herself being tracked by the clandestine organization S.W.O.R.D.

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The organization tracks the chaos magic wielding heroine through the use of the same tracking technology Rocket Racoon used to track the Infinity Stones’ energy in Endgame, presumably due to Wanda gaining her powers through use of the Mind Stone.

The leaker writes, “SWORD is looking for Wanda and are tracking her. They pick up on her signal when she used her powers in her house and go to her location.”

New Rumor Details Plot of WandaVision's First Two Episodes

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Monica Rambeau, portrayed as a young child by Akira Akbar in Captain Marvel, is now a member of S.W.O.R.D. and confronts Wanda at her home in an attempt to convince her to join a reassembled Avengers team.

The leaker explains, “So the next morning SWORD (the black girl from Captain Marvel grown up) shows up at Wanda’s place and want to meet with her. She has been avoiding them for months but agrees to go with them. [Wanda] makes a go-bag of cash and clothes and stuff and hides it under her bed. She goes to a café with them and they explain they need to reassemble the most powerful Avengers for the next thanos level threat.”

They then add, “Wanda plays along but tells them she’s not ready. They tell her to think about it but they need her to come the US with them soon. She agrees and goes home. While she was out, the Doctor from the first scene had snuck into her apartment and stolen her cash. He was following SWORD without them realizing.”

This seems to fit with the leaked set pictures we’ve seen of actress Teyonah Parris walking with Randall Park’s Jimmy Woo character clad in S.W.O.R.D. branded clothing: an agent of S.W.O.R.D.

New Rumor Details Plot of WandaVision's First Two Episodes

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What follows is a scene that explores the psychological effects of being obliterated by Thanos and suddenly revived five years later, with no knowledge of the missing time, has on an individual.

The leaker details, “Wanda goes home and takes the go-bag to the train station. She runs onto a train as it’s boarding and hides under the window. When someone comes for her ticket she tries to give him her cash but doesn’t have any. Then the Dr. hands the ticket taker cash and says he’s got her ticket. She thanks him and he sits with her. He says he recognizes her but won’t’ say anything as she clearly doesn’t want to be found.”

New Rumor Details Plot of WandaVision's First Two Episodes

They then add, “They start talking and he tells her he made a facility in the Midwest to support Snap and Blip victims who couldn’t psychologically handle it and he’s in Europe meeting with potential patients at a hospital. It’s an inpatient facility and people live there but its confidential and people can leave when they want. He says he knows she snapped because she was famous and wants to help her heal. So she agrees and gets off the train with him to his private jet.”

This concept of trying to adjust to a strange new world that went on living without you was slightly explored in the opening scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home:

Wanda is then escorted by the doctor to a nondescript facility in order to partake in psychological treatment for her trauma.

The leaker alleges, “In the US he takes her to his facility which is almost a quarter mile long and looks like an apartment complex. People have balconies and live normal lives for the most part but live at the facility. He gives her a room and sets her up with a psychiatrist. I forget her name but she’s Asian.

“Wanda moves in her apartment which is connected to other apartments in kind of a lobby area. She meets some Mexican guy whose kids died in between the snap and blip so when he blipped back, they had been gone for years,” writes the leaker.

New Rumor Details Plot of WandaVision's First Two Episodes

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Audiences proceed to meet Kathryn Hahn’s character, a lesbian woman whose wife killed herself upon returning from the snap only to discover that Hahn’s character had already moved on.

The leaker claims, “There’s a girl’s wife who snapped and blipped but she had already moved on and she killed herself. The widow is Kathryn Hahn from Parks and Rec. Wanda tells her story without the details because they don’t appear to know who she is.”

Next, the leaker writes, “So she gets her first appointment and is reluctant to give details but the Asian doctor tells her everything is confidential and nobody knows she’s there. So they just talk about things that make her happy and wanda says the last time she was truly happy was she was she was a kid with her brother and they watched American sitcoms.”

New Rumor Details Plot of WandaVision's First Two Episodes

This seems to lead in to the sitcom themed scenes presented in the ads Disney has been producing for the show, as well as a potential Quicksilver cameo.

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The leaker writes, “The Doctor tells her she can get some old shows on video and give them to Wanda. She gives Wanda Brady bunch, Roseanne, Boy Meets World and a few others but I didn’t recognize them. All real shows though. So Wanda goes to her apartment and watches some shows and it flashes back to her and Quicksilver as kids watching the same episode and that’s the end of the first episode.”

Episode 2

The second episode opens with another example of the effects Thanos’ snap had on the average person.

New Rumor Details Plot of WandaVision's First Two Episodes

The alleged leaker explains, “Second episode starts with Dr. Smith driving his car on the highway. Him and his wife are taking their daughter to her dance studio and he starts to snap. The wife grabs the wheel as he’s disappearing and crashes into an oncoming car.”

“Dr. Smith blips back with a bunch of other people on the side of the highway and everyone is really confused. Normal people start honking at them and everyone gets out of their cars and then the titles play,” the leaker adds.

The further discovery of the widespread consequences of Thanos’ snap are a welcome story line, as these personal ‘snap stories’ were most likely unexplored in the films due to their limited run time.

New Rumor Details Plot of WandaVision's First Two Episodes

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Viewers are then introduced to Kat Dennings, reprising her role as Darcy Lewis from the Thor series, who reveals that the boyfriend she was seen with in Thor: Ragnarok was diagnosed with cancer and ended up losing his fight in the five-year gap she was nonexistant.

The leaker details, “Wanda goes to lunch at a restaurant/chow hall in the facility and meets Kat Dennings from Thor. She’s there because she snapped and blipped and her boyfriend (the guy from Thor 2 with the camera) got diagnosed with cancer in the five years and when she blipped back he was dying.”

“She tried to find him but he died a week after the Blip and she couldn’t find him until it was too late. So she has bad guilt and PTSD like everyone else in the facility. She knows who Wanda is but tells her she won’t tell anyone,” writes the leaker.

New Rumor Details Plot of WandaVision's First Two Episodes

Meanwhile, Jimmy Wu is seen observing the mysterious Doctor’s actions, though the Doctor appears to also be wise to his current monitoring.

“Jimmy Wu from Ant-man is looking at security footage of Dr. Smith at a gas station by his private landing strip in the Midwest. Dr. Smith winks at the camera and shoots it with a paintball gun from his trunk. Jimmy Wu goes backwards in the video using the license plate and sees it at the landing strip, and he searches Dr. Smith’s plane’s ID number and calls Interpol,” explains the leaker.

Therapy Sessions

After one of Wanda’s sessions, a male doctor pressures her therapist to ‘trigger’ Wanda’s trauma, similar to how Helmut Zemo activated The Winter Soldier in Captain America: Civil War.

The leaker writes, “Wanda goes to her second session and they talk about the shows she watched the other night. The doctor asks if anything had made her feel close to that happiness in her adult life and she says yes but she can’t talk about it. The doctor agrees and says that it’s only been a year since the blip and a lot of people are only starting to talk about their traumas.”

“Wanda leaves and Dr. Smith comes in another door and asks the Asian doctor how Wanda is. The Asian doctor (I’ll just call her Dr. Jones to make it easy idr her name) says Wanda is opening up but it could be days, months nobody knows. Smith tells Jones to try to trigger Wanda in the next session by talking about Vision. Jones agrees,” the leaker explains.

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Wanda is next seen spending a sort of ‘girls night’ with Hahn’s character and Darcy, as the three women have dinner, watch old episodes of The Brady Bunch, and share some drinks.

New Rumor Details Plot of WandaVision's First Two Episodes

However, unbeknownst to Wanda, Darcy, and the audience, Hahn’s character appears to be manipulating Wanda on behalf of the facility doctors.

The leaker details, “Wanda meets Kathryn Hahn and Darcy in the restaurant again after her session and they have dinner together. They go back to Wanda’s apartment and watch some Brady Bunch. They talk about their experiences and how they wish there was a way to bring their lovers back.”

They add, “Kathryn Hahn is a plant (we don’t know that yet) and starts to ask Wanda about her boyfriend but Wanda won’t say much. Darcy distracts Kathryn by making lesbian jokes. They all drink and then leave for the night and Wanda goes to bed.”

Curiously, despite it’s central focus in the series’ advertising and the constant references to old television, the sitcom-style parodies have yet to make an appearance by the end of the second episode.

New Rumor Details Plot of WandaVision's First Two Episodes

Flashbacks to the Snap

Dr. Smith is also given a bit of character development, as a flashback reveals how he came to work at the facility.

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The leaker writes, “Another flashback and Dr. Smith is at his old house right after the blip. People are still freaking out and celebrating and he knocks on the door and it’s another family. They say the got the house from the bank during the bad times because the whole family snapped.”

They then write, “Dr. Smith couldn’t find his wife at the highway so he goes to the library and uses their computer to search for her and his daughter and finds out they died in the car accident. He breaks down in the library crying. He goes to the university he used to work at and they all celebrate seeing him and a few other colleagues. They talk about the hospital that is housing people in the Midwest for people with snap related PTSD and that he should transfer there, and he does.”

New Rumor Details Plot of WandaVision's First Two Episodes

During a therapy session Wanda is upset at the mention of the Avengers and Vision but, after storming out of the facility, is eventually calmed down by Hahn.

“Dr. Jones and Wanda have another session and Wanda says she finished all of Brady Bunch and it brought back a lot of memories. Dr. Jones talks about how Wanda is fitting in and Wanda talks about the girls she made friends with. Dr. Jones is happy and tells her to pursue friendships, even if they don’t match up to the Avengers and Vision,” writes the leaker.

They continue, “Wanda starts to get upset and Dr. Jones consoles her but Wanda storms out and starts packing her bags in her apartment. Kathryn Hahn comes by and Wanda says she knew they just wanted her for her connection to her old life and she’s going to leave. Kathryn Hahn relaxes her and tells her to talk to Smith about it. Wanda eventually calms down and agrees.

New Rumor Details Plot of WandaVision's First Two Episodes

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As the episode comes to a close, Wu discovers that Smith has not only been seen in Wanda’s old hometown, but so have S.W.O.R.D. agents.

The leaker concludes, “Jimmy Wu is looking at footage of the plane in France and rewinds it to see Dr. Smith get off the train with Wanda (he doesn’t recognize her) and then puts in the next tape and it’s footage of Dr. Smith getting on the train in Wanda’s old hometown. He see SWORD agents in the background running after the train leaves the station and he says “Huh, I wonder why they’re there.”

New Rumor Details Plot of WandaVision's First Two Episodes

If these leaks are to be believed, it looks like Wandavision will take the lead on the strange and uncanny story lines of the future Marvel Cinematic Universe.What do you think about this latest supposed “leak” about the Wandavision Disney Plus series? Sound off in the comments below or let us know on social media!

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