Titans Season 3 is in the middle of production and while Jason Todd actor Curran Walters has surfaced under the guise of The Red Hood in new images, the actress to play Barbara Gordon has been cast.

Curran Walters in Red Hood

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Under the Hood

The images of Walters originate from the Instagram of DC film and TV costume designer Greg Hopwood. His post was deleted but screenshots made their way to Twitter.

Walters, also celebrating his birthday, was taking part in his last fitting via a Zoom call with Hopwood and his shop before he films his scenes as the Hood.

Check out the freeze-frame of the very daring angle down below.

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“Our final fitting,” wrote Hopwood in his deleted post. “I felt like a proud dad sending his kid off to their first day of school. Happy birthday @curdog [Walters’s personal IG] from all of us [at] @ljsupersuits!” [Hopwood’s firm, Team LJ Supersuits]

View the Zoom conversation from both sides, including Hopwood sitting in what looks like a Batcave-inspired studio, below.

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This is the first look at Walters in costume as Jason Todd’s deadly alter ego since October when Titans cinematographer Boris Mojsovski took a test photo that gave away the suit’s fairly comic-accurate design by LJ Supersuits’ Laura Jean Shannon.

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Red Hood

Insiders reported months ago Red Hood is going to be the Big Bad of the first half of the next season so it’s highly likely Walters went off to film some scenes for the first couple of new episodes after meeting with Hopwood.

How the Hood’s arc plays out is uncertain but they’ll have to be imaginative if there is no Lazarus Pit or Ra’s al-Ghul and if The Joker – who is slated for an appearance based on word from the set – has less involvement than in the source material.

What’s a Batgirl to Do?


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That’s not the only news related to Titans this week. The show found its Barbara Gordon in actress, musician, and amputee Savannah Welch (Boyhood, The Tree of Life).

Savannah Welch

Savannah Welch

Casting of the 36-year-old Welch confirms Barbara will be paralyzed though we’re not sure if she is written as missing a leg like Welch – who lost one of hers after a car hit her in 2016.

Her disability won’t stop her from seeing action, however, as the video below of Welch stick fighting with a stunt trainer demonstrates.

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A breakdown also confirmed Barbara is Gotham City Police Commissioner in Titans and her superhero career was ended by a bullet from The Joker. Additionally, by the sound of it, she and Dick may team up to fight crime again.

“Gotham City Police Commissioner. Uses a wheelchair. She used to be Batgirl until she was shot and paralyzed by the Joker. She has a combative relationship with Bruce Wayne. Her life gets more complicated when Dick Grayson returns to Gotham, rekindling their old romance and starting a new crime fighting partnership,” the breakdown reads.

Red Hood’s revamped origin and the extent of Barbara’s place in Titans will be determined when Season 3 debuts later this year on HBO Max.