Ruby Rose Reveals She Discovered She Suffers From A Latex Allergy While Filming Batwoman

Source: Batwoman, The CW

Former Batwoman actress Ruby Rose recently opened up about a particular medical affliction that she suffered during her time on The CW’s eponymous series.

Source: Batwoman, The CW

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In a recent interview with The Kyle and Jackie O Show Down Under in her native Australia, Rose talked about a latex allergy – discovered on set – that made it harder for her to wear the suit.

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“I did find out that I was allergic to latex,” she said. “Unfortunately, my mask is latex. I was getting worse and worse because as you get more contact with it, I guess you get more reactions.”

 Noting the condition’s severity, Rose explained, “I took off the [mask] at the end, and my whole face was just hives.”

“My throat was all messed up,” She would add. “It was like it was out of a scary movie.”

Source: Batwoman, The CW

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Given it’s intensity, it’s possible that Rose’s latex allergy served as a potential reason for her departure from Batwoman at the end of the show’s first season, alongside a neck injury she suffered from a stunt that required surgery.

However, previously, Rose denied that the neck injury impacted her decision to leave.

Source: Batwoman, The CW

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“It wasn’t that,” the actress said to Jess Cagle on his SiriusXM show in October 2020. “I mean, that definitely made going back to work so quickly tricky.”

“I think what played a bigger part was more, we got shut down early,” Rose explained. “We didn’t get to finish the first season, which is such a shame, especially for a first season show.”

Source: Batwoman, The CW

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During a later appearance on Jimmy Fallon, Rose revealed that last year’s quarantine gave her a chance to reflect, which led to an apparent meeting between herself, producer Greg Berlanti, and people from Warner Bros. wherein everyone agreed that the team had done everything they could with Kate Kane’s arc.

“I ended up talking to Warner Bros. and Greg and where the show was going and we really just kind of had a really honest good chat where we sort of mutually agreed that Kate Kane and her story and everything, we had done what we set out to do,” she recalled.

Source: Batwoman, The CW

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In separate interviews, showrunner Caroline Dries stated that the production team’s consensus was that Rose would not be replaced. Yet, just a few months ago, Krypton star Wallis Day was cast as the new Kate Kane, presumed dead before turning up under the thrall of Black Mask.

What’s more, Kate may be back for the long haul, though she isn’t expected to take back the red-emblemed Batsuit from Javicia Leslie’s Ryan Wilder.

Source: Batwoman, The CW

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