The revelations and drastic overhauls of age-old characters keep on coming like a freight train and it’s hitting, Charlton’s pacifist in a former life, Peacemaker, the most right now.

Source: Peacemaker Official Trailer, DC YouTube

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James Gunn has intentionally turned Christopher Smith inside out in his interpretation that began with The Suicide Squad and carried over onto the HBO Max original series.

Along with that, Gunn upped the sex and nudity quotient to push the envelope as far as he could which brought more awkward situations to the fore and some inclusion, if only to cover all the right bases.

Source: Peacemaker Official Trailer, DC YouTube

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Leota Adebayo (Danielle Brooks), a member of Peacemaker’s team and secretly Amanda Waller’s daughter, is a lesbian with a wife and very crucial in driving the story of the season forward. In many ways, she’s a clandestine main character.

If that wasn’t enough, in the most recent episode, “Stop Dragon My Heart Around,” Gunn threw another bone of diversity out there to chew on when it was strongly hinted that the real main character, Peacemaker himself, is bisexual.

Source: Peacemaker Official Trailer, DC YouTube

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The reveal comes when he is at the mercy of his father Auggie Smith, The White Dragon (Robert Patrick), and his soldiers during their final showdown. With the upper hand over his son, White Dragon accuses him of betraying his country, listening to devil music, and sleeping around with women as well as men.

Social media is “ecstatic” about this slip – that’s probably meant to shock – and running with it in a celebratory fashion that might really be premature overenthusiasm.

Source: Peacemaker, HBO Max

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Peacemaker has slept with a few women this season with one attacking him and in another instance sharing a former captive with Vigilante (Freddie Stroma) in a three-way.

Twitter latched onto that second incident, hoping now they can “ship” and bring their slapstick buddy-cop dynamic to a different level – the kind Supergirl’s audience is well-versed in.

Wxhite_wxolf tweeted, “Peacemaker is a bisexual king and I stan him for that.”

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“Peacemaker is bisexual, vigilante is neurodivergent, adebayo is a black lesbian in a happy relationship with another black sapphic this show is not for those kinda white people,” Sugardite tweeted.

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Twitter user Gothamcitizen_ wrote, “Peacemaker being bisexual raised the possibility of official vigilmaker one step closer iminlovewiththem.”

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They are also ready to accept Peacemaker as the first canonical bisexual hero in the DCEU but there is hesitation on the other side and for good reason.

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When everyone else gets carried away, it’s important to remember Peacemaker’s dad is a rotten human being who has controlled his son from the time he was a boy, always questioned his manhood and sexuality, and shamed him, never letting fragile Christopher live down the accidental death of his brother.

Source: Peacemaker Official Trailer, DC YouTube

Auggie Smith is one of the show’s villains and could be spinning tales to support his own bias against his flesh and blood that never lived up to his expectations. Or that’s just another way of looking at it.

Peacemaker returns this coming week with its season finale which isn’t indicating for certain there’s going to be a second season.

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