A number of new videos taken inside Disneyland’s new Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel attraction have confirmed that, unsurprisingly, the company’s latest attempt to cash-in on the Star Wars fandom may be even more disappointing in comparison to its price tag than previously imagined.

Source: Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Official Website

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Taken by a number of press members and influencers invited to experience the attraction ahead of its official March 1st opening, videos recorded within the actual hotel began to hit social media on February 25th, the day the review embargo of Galactic Starcruiser was lifted.

While these videos were ostensibly allowed to be published in an effort to drum up hype for the hotel, unfortunately for Disney, they instead show an experience that could stand to disappoint even the most dedicated of Sequel Trilogy fans.

Source: Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Official Website

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In a video shared by theme park journalist Brooke McDonald, it seems that not only is the previously teased live dinner performance by the Twilek Gaya just as unceremonious as one can imagine – with the lights not even being dimmed to bring focus to her character while on stage – but that she is also awkwardly backed up by a lone Rodian dancer-slash-keyboardist known as Ouanni.

As seen in footage taken by Attractions Magazine and published to Twitter by user @Doctor_Disney, guests can be seen watching Rey partake in the decoding of a Jedi Holocron, which upon her success, projects an embarrassingly tiny hologram of Yoda for the entire room to see.

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In one of the attraction’s other live performances, as captured by @thrillgeek, the First Order appears to storm and take control of the Starcruiser, announcing their capture of the vessel with the unfurling of banners bearing their emblem.

However, one Stormtrooper in particular is seen having trouble properly hanging his banner, fumbling to get it displayed correctly while the First Order officer continues to address the crowd.

A little later in this storyline, as recorded by @Skytalkerspod, Kylo Ren menacingly appears before guests, only to be confronted and met in a duel by Rey.

As seen in the footage, though supposedly one of the highlights of the attraction, this moment instead comes off as tired, with hardly any energy emanating from the performers.

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For fans who wish to be more involved with the ship’s activities, according to a clip of Fox 35 Orlando’s shared by @AliciaStella, Galactic Starcruiser features a chance to learn a choreographed dance courtesy of the ship’s crew.

This lack of quality even extends to guest accommodations, as according to photographs, even rooms that are meant to accommodate multiple children and adults are little bigger than those found at budget motels.

Further, each room comes with only one queen-sized bed, regardless of party or guest size. While smaller children can sleep in the provided bunk beds, all others must make do with pull out beds.

Of course, not all of Galactic Starcruiser’s amenities seem to have been completed as an afterthought.

Thankfully, should guests get thirsty or wish to relive one of the worst moments in Star Wars history, both green and blue milk is available on tap.

As noted on the official Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser website, ticket prices for the two-day Disneyland experience begin at $4,809 USD for a two-person cabin during the off-peak seasons.

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