Funimation voice actor Daman Mills, perhaps best known for his roles as Kaworu Nagisa in the Neon Genesis Evangelion Rebuild film series and as the second actor to play Dragon Ball Super’s Frieza following the late Chris Ayers’ diagnosis with COPD, has been accused by an anonymous man of having “molested” him when he was just 15-years-old.

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The accusation against Mills was first brought to light when the alleged victim published a lengthy statement in October 2021 (as per the Google Doc’s document details) that began with the outright declaration that “Daman Mills molested me.” 

“This all happened between 2012 -2015,” explained the accuser. “I was never 18 during any of this. I was a 15-year-old boy; a minor. Daman, a 19-year-old adult.”

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“Daman met me over Facebook, and due to our similar interests, we became friends. It was very early on that he admitted he had feelings for me,” he continued. “I tried to be as nice as possible, while also stating I did not feel the same, but didn’t want to affect our friendship.”

However, said the anonymous man, “He continued to talk to me every day, texting me constantly. Getting angry and emotionally attacking me if I did not respond as quickly as he did. He would often bring up that he felt sexually and emotionally attached to me, all of these things I would try to avoid.”

Source: Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo (2014), Studio Khara

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Eventually, he recalled, “After a year of long-distance friendship, [Mills] moved closer. An hour away.”

Noting that the voice actor soon took to visiting him “a couple times a month,” the man asserted that “the first weekend he spent with me, he begged to sleep next to me in my bed. A twin-size bed for one, and he was roughly twice my size.”

Source: One Piece: Stampede (2019), Toei Animation

“Emotionally forcing me into guilt, I allowed this,” he said. “I awoke that night to him heavily wrapped against me. Nose in my neck, and his entire arm up my shirt. He was caressing my bare body. I felt confused and outraged. This man I had been vulnerable to, taking advantage of my trust.”

“I confronted him,” he added. “He tried to shy it off, saying ‘I must have been asleep.’ I then asked him to never do this again.”

Source: My Hero Academia Episode 43 “Drive It Home, Iron Fist!!!” (2018), Studio Bones

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However, the man further claimed, “To be expected, that wasn’t the end of it,” as “every single time [Mills] would visit, he would beg to sleep in my bed.”

“My mother even tried to stop this,” stated the accuser. “He argued with her, victimizing himself, and turning it into a matter of sexuality. So he would end up next to me, and every time, would molest me. To the entire extent, I am unaware, but can at least reference times that I was conscious.”

Source: Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo (2014), Studio Khara

Moving to recall one such occasion, the man then accused that “On one occasion I woke up, startled. He was moving around a lot. It didn’t take me long to realize he was masturbating right next to me.”

“I was so alarmed, that it took me a couple days to bring this up to him,” he wrote. “He then admitted to me that he had been pleasuring himself in my bed. He also told me he would get-off to the idea of me a lot. I feel so much shame for letting this go on for as long as it did, but also angered that someone who knows right from wrong would do these things.”

Source: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Episode 45 “The Opening Door” (2003), Sunrise

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“On his 21st birthday, he came to stay with me,” the man further recollected. “He would often beg me for hours to kiss him or pleasure him. Insinuating I give him a blow-job and that ‘Friends help each other out sometimes,’ ‘Come on, it’s my birthday.’ I am so happy now, that through the emotional abuse and mind games, that I didn’t give in. However, I would still wake up to him kissing me in my sleep, and fondling me. Some of these things, I was too cowardly to even address.”

Source: One Piece: Stampede (2019), Toei Animation

According to the accuser, “This happened every single time I would see him. I would shower, and he would make excuses to see me get dressed. One time he asked a friend of mine to send him pictures of me in my underwear. Saying things like ‘I know big people, I could help make you famous.’”

“As months went by, I became too familiar with the pattern, and I felt trapped by his grooming nature,” he stated. “He would text me often, saying he loved me and become increasingly angry if I did not say it back. I was always afraid he would somehow tarnish my name, and as a kid, the world seems smaller than it is. His position of success left me feeling cornered.”

Source: Final Fantasy VII Remake: INTERgrade (2021), Square Enix

Touching upon another incident of supposed molestation, the man asserted, “I tried to stray away from hanging out with him, mostly because he had hurt me with his actions,” he said. “One time he paid for a bus ticket, so I could stay with him at his house. Red-flag. He asked that I sleep in his bed with him. I woke up in the morning to him prodding my penis through my shorts– and that’s only what I was awake for.”

Source: Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 “An Unprecedented Super Showdown! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!” (2019), Toei Animation

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“A few months into 2015, I had gotten a girlfriend,” he further recollected. “Daman was so mad at me, that he said we could no longer be friends, and that all I had done was be toxic and manipulative towards him.”

“He blocked me after that,” he added, before returning to the present day to reflect, “It has been well over five years and he has never once taken accountability for the things I do or don’t know. He has never said sorry.”

Source: Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo (2014), Studio Khara

Drawing his statement to a close, the accuser clarified, “There is a lot more to this story, and several things I did not mention. The point of this is to bring awareness to sexual abuse. I was underage the entire time we were friends, and he was a grown adult.”

“I do not wish to press legal charges, as a way to condemn my anonymity,” he wrote. “However, I just want my voice to be heard, and maybe help others who are afraid to speak-up. As for Daman, I hope that this has at some point been a learning curve for him, and that he has never treated anyone else in these ways.”

“Daman Mills molested me,” he concluded. “I hope he has since gotten help, and that this does not affect him in the long-run.”

Source: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Episode 9 “Bared Fangs” (2004), Sunrise

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Following the document’s publication, its contents were brought to widespread attention by Anime News Network, whose executive editor Lynzee Loveridge not only reported on the accusations themselves but was also allegedly able to speak to the accuser themselves.

During their discussion, the man reportedly provided a number of additional details regarding Mills’ supposed behavior, telling Loveridge that the two had met through the fandub scene via Facebook in December of 2012.

Source: Anime News Network

After that, “the friendship intensified, and Mills confessed sexual and romantic attraction which Duncan did not reciprocate.”

In alleged Facebook messages exchanged between Mills and his accusers shared with ANN, the voice actor can be seen regularly discussing a variety of sexual topics with the victim ranging from masturbation to personal fantasies.

Source: Anime News Network

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The accuser further explained to Loveridge that following this confession, “he wanted to be kind to Mills and did not want to end the friendship because of their different sexual orientations; however, he added that he was routinely explaining to Mills that they were not romantically involved over the several year friendship.“

He also touched upon the aforementioned confrontation between Mills and his mother, recalling to Loveridge that it began when, finding it strange the two were sharing a twin-sized bed, offered their couch to Mills instead. 

Source: Anime News Network

In turn, Mills “became offended and accused [the man’s] mother of assuming he would do something inappropriate just because of his sexual orientation.”

“I didn’t tell her about it for years because I felt ashamed, I guess,” the accuser admitted. “I was like, ‘I’m a guy, I should feel like a man, you know? This isn’t happening to me.’ I tried to dismiss it in my head because I didn’t know how to deal with it.”

Source: Anime News Network

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The man also further alleged that “Mills even sought out one of his other acquaintances in hopes of getting photos of Duncan in his underwear, under the pretense of it being a joke,” and supported his claim by providing a direct line of contact to the third-party individual.

Elaborating on the incident to Loveridge, the acquaintance told the ANN staffer that a video of the then-teenaged accuser in his underwear had been taken as joke by one of their friends and shared amongst their friend group, who would routinely do “dumb s–t” with each other in the name of humor.

Source: Anime News Network

Setting his Facebook profile to a picture of the accuser from the video, the acquaintance was soon met with a bombardment of requests from Mills to see the source material, all of which he rejected.

The acquaintance also stated that Mills “would comment on Facebook posts and, you know, spell [rape] incorrectly to try and act like it’s funny.”

Source: Anime News Network

Returning to the topic of Mills’ abrupt distancing from the accuser in 2015, the acquaintance informed Loveridge that “Because of all this stuff, everyone pretty much stopped talking to him.”

“[The accuser] started opening up to more people about [the alleged incidents], I think?” he continued. “I don’t know if Daman found out about it, or what, but he started very quickly cutting everybody off. He started badmouthing [the accuser] to his voice actor friends and people he knew in the industry. That’s what I believe, because he was trying to distance himself from it as much as possible.”

Source: My Hero Academia Episode 43 “Drive It Home, Iron Fist!!!” (2018), Studio Bones

Reached for comment by ANN, Mills told the news outlet that he has retained legal counsel and has been advised to refrain from commenting on the situation.

The voice actor also reportedly sent the accuser a Cease and Desist letter on February 18th, in which Mills not only claimed that the relationship was mutual and consensual, but demanded that the man agree to retract his accusations by February 25th and refrain from any future contact with Mills’ employers.

Ironically, though he was quick to deny the accusations against himself, Mills was one of the first Western anime industry voice actors to speak out in support of the sexual misconduct allegations leveled against former Dragon Ball series Broly voice actor Vic Mignogna in February 2019.

“Many voices have been echoing a pressing issue, and this needs a strong united front,” he wrote. “I believe survivors. It takes a tremendous level of courage to speak openly about sexual assault and trauma. Please support victims, don’t dismiss their stories. There’s truth to be heard.”

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