With Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ release date moving up from June 2023 to this December, seemingly critical intel regarding hitherto unknown details of its plot are conveniently starting to leak out.

Source: Shazam! (2019), Warner Bros. Pictures

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This supposed full leak of the sequel’s plot comes by way of YouTube channel WorldofGeekdom, whose proprietor has claimed to received the info from a source of his who saw an unfinished version of the film at a secret test screening last year.

In a recently uploaded video, the YouTuber shared a deluge of information in a short amount of time (about 12 minutes), addressing a few rumors circulating the web and even sharing some new revelations.

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At the top, there are two minor points concerning Fury of the Gods that should be addressed right away.

First, though Mr. Mind was teased at the end of the first movie, WoG reports that the little psychic worm is not in the sequel.

Source: Shazam! (2019), Warner Bros. Pictures

Neither, it seems, is Sivana, barring an undisclosed mid-credits scene.

While the two villains seemingly formed an alliance after all was said and done after Shazam!, whatever nefarious plan they were hatching have are currently being put on hold.

Source: Shazam! (2019), Warner Bros. Pictures

Second, despite their connection, Black Adam is more than likely not in Fury of the Gods either – save for any last-minute cameo insertions.

This means DC Films is indeed reserving Dwayne Johnson’s smackdown with Zachary Levi for a later date.

Source: Black Adam (2022), Warner Bros. Pictures

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The latter omission isn’t too surprising. For some time now, the rumor mill and various reports have maintained that Black Adam wouldn’t be coming around the streets of Philly until at least Shazam! 3.

In the absence of the lead hero’s arch-nemesis, Fury of the Gods will focus its story on Billy Batson, featuring the same tone and humor as the last film while also seemingly taking a few cues from Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman.

Source: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), Warner Bros.

Billy is allegedly having a crisis over his belief that his adopted family are planning to dump him.

Things aren’t much better on the superhero side either, as though the adoring public is very aware of the Shazam family following their Christmas carnival confrontation with Sivana, some people think fear they’re far from a force for good – much like how Batman viewed Superman in BvS.

Source: Shazam! (2019), Warner Bros. Pictures

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Despite his perceived death in the first film,The Wizard (Djimon Hounsou) also returns, offering more wisdom about stepping up as the leader of the team to a struggling Billy.

All the while, Billy is secretly crushing on Wonder Woman – a small detail that will become important later on, as Gal Gadot allegedly appears in a cameo that impacts the climax.

Source: Wonder Woman 1984 (2020), Warner Bros. Pictures

Freddie, not to be left out, has his own crush.

As previously reported, there is an affection between him and Rachel Zegler’s character, who is reported to be one of the three daughters of Atlas.

Source: The Power of Shazam! Vol. 1 #47 “Endgame” (1999), DC Comics. Words and art by Joerry Ordway.

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Atlas himself doesn’t appear the movie, as he is apparently killed by the very staff the Wizard uses to harness the power of Shazam in an act that prompts the upset Hesperides to vengefully target both the super powered family and anybody using the magic.

According to WoG, as part of their plan, they capture Freddie and take him somewhere off-world.

Source: Shazam! (2019), Warner Bros. Pictures

This trip will add a cosmic element to Fury of the Gods, as well as some Harry Potter-style moments involving magical items, such as a prominent gag surrounding the habit of a living pen named Steve to take down messages verbatim.

With Steve’s help, Billy writes an absurd letter to Hespera (Helen Mirren) proposing a truce. At this point, they meet at the outdoor burger joint seen in the behind-the-scenes photos leaked last year.

Source: Fast & Furious 9 | “Helen Mirren” Featurette (2021), Fast Family, YouTube

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Hespera explains all she wants to do is keep the peace and that it’s actually her sister Calypso (Lucy Liu) who wants to conquer, strike back, seek vengeance, and so on.

Riding a dragon, the latter then suddenly attacks, drawing out all the Shazam kids into battle.

Source: Shazam! (2019), Warner Bros. Pictures

The dragon could be a callback to the comics when Shazam fought a tri-headed serpent hydra of sorts known as the Three Face of Evil, but WoG doesn’t make note of that.

Trolls, unicorns, and other magical creatures are said to accompany Calypso and her dragon when all of this goes down in the third act.

WoG reports that the climax he saw was 40 minutes long, though he notes that he expects it to be trimmed down to a tighter runtime.

Source: Shazam! Vol. 3 #6 “Shazam! And the Seven Magic Lands!, Chapter 6” (2019), DC Comics. Variant cover art by Kamome Shirahama.

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Now that we enter the climax, we are fully in spoiler territory.

So be warned, what follows are some ostensibly major secrets, as revealed by WoG’s info.

Source: Shazam! Vol. 3 #1 “Shazam! And the Seven Magic Lands!” (2019), DC Comics. Variant cover art by Gary Frank and Brad Anderson.

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As the film nears its conclusion, Calypso holds the staff and is ready to destroy the world. Having killed Hespera, she challenges Billy to a final showdown.

Throughout the movie, he has been seen both maturing, realizing how much he cares for his family and vice versa, and unlocking greater power as part of a clause in his partnership with the Wizard that grants one access to further abilities if they serve long enough as his Champion.

Source: Shazam! (2019), Warner Bros. Pictures

Insisting on going in alone to confront Calypso, Billy and the villain eventually touch the staff, sparking a surge of power that kills them both, a la Doomsday and Superman in BvS.

But whereas she and her Dragon are destroyed outright, Billy reverts to his civilian form and perishes because the strain was too much for his body to handle.

Source: Shazam! (2019), Warner Bros. Pictures

Zegler returns to take his body to her home planet where he can be buried outside of a throne room alongside the staff, which was broken in battle.

It’s a solemn, “heartbreaking scene” – but it’s not the ending.

Source: Shazam! (2019), Warner Bros. Pictures

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In a twist, the death is undone when Wonder Woman (Gadot) finally shows up to make her cameo. Fixing the staff, she revives him suddenly in a moment that tonally shifts from emotional to being played for laughs.

Back home, as the family is eating dinner, it’s ultimately revealed that Freddie and Zegler’s character are now an item, hinting that she might be sticking around for any sequels.

Source: Wonder Woman 1984 (2020), Warner Bros. Pictures

As it was presented to his source, this climax included, Fury of the Gods clocked in at roughly two and a half hours.

Normally, cuts like this are working prints and rough cuts without finished visual effects. As such, there is absolutely a chance the final cut is shortened compared to the version seen by the source.

Source: Shazam! (2019), Warner Bros. Pictures

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There was no post-credit scene to speak of but that doesn’t mean there won’t be one.

Even with Shazam! Fury of the Gods set to come out later this year, Warner Bros. has more than enough time to stealthily insert a seed-planting teaser at the end of the film.

We don’t know their plans but we can say with an amount of certainty that despite the film’s earlier-than-expected release in December, it’s still meant to take place chronologically after Black Adam and The Flash.

Source: The Flash (2023), Warner Bros. Pictures

While WorldofGeekdom touts his accuracy with earlier spoilers as evidence to support his leak, caution should still be exercised here.

We don’t have a trailer yet, and only when we do can any of these details start getting confirmed.

Source: Shazam! (2019), Warner Bros. Pictures

What do you make of these supposed spoiler for Shazam! Fury of the Gods? Let us know your thoughts on social media or in the comments down below!

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