The CW finally scrapped their woke Batwoman show after the show’s ratings and viewership consistently declined.

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Season 3 posted an all-time viewership low with only 372,000 people tuning in on for the fifth episode of the show. Its ratings in the 18-49 demographic also dropped to .07 multiple times in the show’s third season including the show’s final episode.

According to TV Series Finale the show’s final season had an average rating of .09 in the 18-49 demographic and average viewership of 458,000.

Source: TV Series Finale

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The show’s cancellation also comes after the Batwoman Writers Room encouraged fans of the show to try and save it with a Renew Batwoman campaign on Twitter.

Source: Batwoman Writers Room Twitter

The show’s writer Caroline Dries confirmed the show was cancelled writing on Twitter, “Just got the sad news that Batwoman will not be seeing an S4. I am bummed, but full of gratitude.”

She added, “What an honor to make 51 episodes. So many inspiring, brilliant people contributed to this series. Thank you producers, cast and crew. Thank you, fans! We love you.”

Source: Caroline Dries Twitter

The show’s lead actress Javicia Leslie, who took over as Batwoman following Ruby Rose’s departure, shared a message to social media, “The Most High never ceases to amaze me! I was taught that words have power and we speak our life into existence. Well, I spoke this role into my life, and what an honor it has been to watch it play out exactly how it was meant to.”

“Family, this Bat Team is ours.. HERstory was made and it can never be taken,” she continued.

Source: Batwoman Season 2 Episode 18 “Power” (2021), The CW

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Leslie then added, “Going to set with such an amazing crew and cast makes work feel like play EVERY DAY! Thank you to our entire production team in Vancouver, our LA peeps that keep the stories coming, our big-wigs that believed that we could really do this, and our amazing cast that give their hearts on screen every episode!”

“And to the fans… WOW… I tear up thinking about all of your messages, tweets, DMs, and letters!! You all reminded me why what we do is soooo important. Viola Davis recently said in an interview when asked why representation matters: ‘Because you need to see a physical manifestation of your dream. There is something about seeing someone who looks like you that makes it more tangible,’” she concluded. “… cheers to what’s next.”

Source: Javicia Leslie Instagram

The Batwoman Writers wrote on Twitter, “Thank you fans, friends, crew, cast. We will always love you, we will always root for you, and we will never forget you.”

“Batwoman fans, we are eternally grateful. It was a fun ride and you made it so much better by our side,” they added.

Source: Batwoman Writers Room Twitter

Actress Rachel Skarsten, who played Alice, tweeted, “I’ve been off twitter for a while but wanted to come on and say with a heavy heart Batwoman has been cancelled.”

“Thank you to each and every one of you that supported & loved the show over the years. I adored playing Alice & will miss her dearly.”

Source: Rachel Skarsten Twitter

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Nick Creegan, who played Marquis Jet and the show’s race-swapped Joker, wrote, “it’s with immense gratitude that I thank all the fans, the entire crew & my fellow cast members for making Batwoman one of the best experiences of my life. having been the first Black Joker is a dream. while there won’t be a S4, the next chapter will be legendary. MAKTUB.”

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Camrus Johnson, who played Luke Fox, tweeted, “After 51 episodes of fun, Batwoman is coming to an end! A good 90% of the people that have called out “Luke Fox!” to me on the street have been black men between the ages of 30-45, and the words you’ve said to me over the years have meant the world.

Source: Camrus Johnson Twitter

He continued, “It was an honor to play a black superhero, something we’ve always had very few of and always wanted many more of.”

“Thanks to my cast, crew, Caroline, Team Berlanti, DC, WB and CW for the laughs and doors opened, and BATFAMMM remember this… you are ‘literal perfection.’ All my love,” he concluded.

Source: Camrus Johnson Twitter

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Finally, Nicole Kang, who played a race-swapped Poison Ivy wrote, “Hi family. I cannot believe we’re saying goodbye to Batwoman today. Thank you for loving Mary. Thank you for cheering her on as she blossomed into POISON IVY.”

“The incredible letters/convos we’ve had I will carry forever. I love you BatFam. Goodbye for now Gotham City,” she concluded.

Source: Nicole Kang Twitter

While The CW did not renew Batwoman for a fourth season and the show has been effectively cancelled, there was a rumor back in February from scooper Mikey Sutton that claimed many of the Arrowverse shows like Batwoman would get rebooted following restructuring of DC Entertainment under Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav’s new management.

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Sutton told YouTuber Syl Abdul, “When The CW shows end up on HBO Max there’s some massive rebooting going on. One of the things that [Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav] wants to do is to have a cohesive universe between the TV shows and the films.”

“So Batwoman and whatever surviving shows are going to be rebooted into kind of like the Flashpoint timeline that we were talking about, the reboot, even that’s not gonna stick,” he detailed.

The scooper elaborated, “Because what [Zaslav] wants, is as much as possible, is to have all these shows in the same universe.”

Source: Batwoman via The CW’s YouTube

Sutton then asserted, “So, the Titans show and Superman and Lois. And there is a way of making them merge, We have all these storylines, you have Crisis. Should I say Final Crisis? Because that going to start getting you guys going crazy. 

“But there’s going to be a way of putting these shows except Matt Reeves in his own little pocket thingy and they have to honor those old agreements anyways. So there is going to be exceptions to the rule. You can’t make J.J. Abrams all of a sudden force him into this new timeline,” he explained. “So, they’re trying to be Elseworlds that are going to be exceptions to the rule.”

Source: Batwoman

Sutton then reiterated, “But again he wants to downplay — sporadically you’re going to have these alternate, pocket universes. But for the most part there is going to be a DCEU. There is going to be a DCEU going forward. A connected universe, yeah.”

“Because that’s the way of competing with Marvel. It’s not a way of copying them, but it works,” he stated.

Source: Batwoman via The CW’s YouTube

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