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May 7, 2022
My Hero Academia voice actor Anairis Quiñones took to Twitter to describe those critical of Disney and Rick Riordan’s race swapping in their upcoming Percy Jackson series on Disney+ racist.
May 2, 2022
My Hero Academia mangaka Kohei Horikoshi has revealed that he made a significant amount cuts to the Forest Training Camp Arc.
March 18, 2022
Bandai Namco have censored the design for My Hero Academia’s Midnight, as shown in her announcement for in My Hero One’s Justice 2.
December 24, 2021
Screenrant has attempted to push the narrative that “manga is just as political as anything published by Marvel or DC”.
December 23, 2021
According to mangaka Kohei Horikoshi, My Hero Academia series is set to reach its planned conclusion in just one year’s time.
November 3, 2021
My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission broke numerous franchise records after its debut in North American theaters.
August 26, 2021
Funimation officially announced the theatrical release dates for the upcoming My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission film.
August 25, 2021
ScreenRant and author Emily Clute called for the erasure of My Hero Academia character Minoru Mineta from the upcoming live-action film being created by Legendary.
August 25, 2021
Shueisha, the publisher of Weekly Shonen Jump and Jump Books, announced a brand new My Hero Academia light novel as […]
August 23, 2021
In the latest chapter of My Hero Academia, Chapter 323, mangaka Kohei Horikoshi offered a brand new surprise for readers as he gave a massive upgrade to U.A. High School.