Ad-Supported Version Of Disney’s Streaming Service Will Not Accept Alcohol Or Political Advertising To Keep A Family-Friendly Environment


A new report claims that The Walt Disney Company will ban alcohol and political advertising on Disney+ in order to keep the service a family-friendly environment; quite the bold statement, considering the sheer amount of content the company has produced in an attempt to pander to the radical woke mob.

Source: ‘This Is Me’ Pride Celebration – Disney Plus, YouTube

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Variety’s Brian Steinberg cites two anonymous media buyers “with knowledge of recent discussions between [Disney] and advertising agencies” as the source of their reporting.

Steinberg then reveals, “These executives say Disney has already signaled to agencies that the new version of Disney+ will not accept alcohol or political advertising at its launch.”

He also notes that they will also not be accepting “ads from rival outlets or entertainment studios.”

Source: ‘This Is Me’ Pride Celebration, Disney Plus

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Further, the executives that contacted the outlet disclosed that Disney will “be cautious about running commercials alongside shows that are aimed at pre-school audiences, and will no run ads at all when an individual user profile in control of the viewing experience indicates a young child is watching.”

As per the information provided to Variety, ads on Disney+ will run an average of four minutes per hour of watched content. This would potentially mean that the House of Mouse’s streaming service would be running fewer ads per hour than its competitors, namely NBCUniversal’s Peacock, Warner Bros. Discovery’s HBO Max, and Hulu.

Source: Out (2021), Pixar

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During an investor’s call on Wednesday, Disney CEO Bob Chapek addressed this new initiative, asserting that an ad-supported tier on Disney+ “is going to give us the ability to reach an even more broad audience as we expand Disney+ across multiple price points.”

“And using some of our other services, we can see the additive nature of an ad-driven service that enables us to keep the price lower. Of course, that’s made up for by the additional revenue that we would get per user on the advertising spending,” he concluded.

Source: The Walt Disney Company’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders 2022

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What’s even more interesting is that these anonymous media buyers claim that Disney is “wary of overwhelming the streaming outlet with a glut of ads that might obscure the service’s family-friendly environment.”

Maybe Disney still views themselves as family-friendly, but the general public seems to be drastically shifting on their opinion about Disney especially following their fight with the state of Florida and their promotion of grooming young children in kindergarten through third grade in gender identity and sexual orientation.

Prior to the signing of Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Law (HB 1557) back in March of this year, Disney was seen comfortably lobbying against the bill, falsely labelled ‘Don’t Say Gay’ by the woke mob and leftist organisations.

Source: Disney Parks, YouTube

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Disney may not want to promote alcohol or politics in their new ad-supported streaming service, but that premise may still be tarnished by the type of content the self-proclaimed “family-friendly” company has been producing in recent years; content that has fully embraced woke politics.

In August of last year, for instance, the House of Mouse openly promoted “sex transitioning” in an episode of Disney’s Muppets Babies, wherein beloved character Gonzo cross-dresses as Cinderella and was referred to using the woke non-binary pronoun ‘they’ by the other Muppet babies.

Source: Muppet Babies, Disney

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Muppet Babies producer Tom Warburton strongly defended the decision to have Gonzo crossdressing in an episode clearly aimed at children, declaring, “Very early on, we wanted to do an episode where Gonzo just showed up to the Playroom wearing a skirt. And it was no big deal.”

“And it was just SO wonderfully Gonzo,” Warburton added, saying that he hopes cross-dresser Gonzo “inspires kids watching to be themselves in their own way, too.”

Source: Zombies (2018), Disney Channel

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Disney was also called out fairly recently, when former child star and current Riverdale actor Cole Sprouse, from Disney Channel’s hit series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, accused the company of sexualising young female stars.

“My brother and I used to get quite a bit of, ‘Oh, you made it out! Oh, you’re unscathed!’ No. The young women on the channel we were on [Disney Channel] were so heavily sexualized from such an earlier age than my brother and I that there’s absolutely no way that we could compare our experiences,” Sprouse told the New York Times.

Cole Sprouse speaking at the 2019 San Diego Comic Con International, for “Riverdale”, at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California. Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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In March of this year, Disney vocalised their support for teaching kindergartners about gender identity and sexual orientation, openly opposing Florida’s anti-grooming legislation introduced by Governor Ron DeSantis.

“Disney+ stands by our LGBTQIA+ employees, colleagues, families, storytellers, and fans, and we strongly denounce all legislation that infringes on the basic human rights of people in the LGBTQIA+ community – especially legislation that targets and harms young people and their families,” the company posted on social media.

The statement concluded, “We strive to create a service that reflects the world in which we live, and our hope is to be a source for inclusive, empowering, and authentic stories that unite us in our shared humanity.”

Source: Disney+, Twitter

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis vocally expressed his disapproval of Disney’s lobbying against the bill, which sought to ban discussions of sexual orientation or gender identity from kindergarten through third grade.

Not only did he express his disapproval, but he also signed the Independent Special Districts (HB 3C) bill that put an end to Disney’s special tax and governing jurisdiction, The Reedy Creek Improvement District (RCID), in the state of Florida.

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